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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

These reports were submitted to BEAMS at 09:23 AM UTC - 16 August 2018.

RPTS: 11-06-2018 + 13th & 22-06-2018 Unidentifieds Seen Over Portsmouth, Hants, UK

[Images at bottom of report]

David Twine
11-06-2018 & 13th & 22-06-2018
Please find enclosed my UFO report as described by written/drawn methods 
(transcribed by BEAMS from written letter).

Firstly, a little about myself. I am now 60 years of age, and have been a very keen
aircraft spotter for at least 45 yrs. (it was the big hobby at my last school that I
left in 1974) hence I've been looking up at the skies, on-and-off for a very long
time; so I know what is 'usual' and 'unusual' flying around - plus I've visited
many airfields & airshows over the years. I also worked in aviation for 34 yrs
with a local company in Portsmouth.

My father first introduced me to the UFO subject, when he brought home from
work one day, the excellent paperback 'Flying Saucers - Serious Business' by
Frank Edwards, which I read and enjoyed and I haven't looked back. My library of
UFO books is massive and I've actually stopped buying them now, as I
hope to live long enough to read those I already have.

I am a member of Hampshire UFO Group, Ian Bentley & Co, and I was the first
person to spot 3 'craft' at Stoney Cross, which you featured on your website
9th/10th April 2016, Multi-Witness Reports From Southern England, still some of
the best footage filmed anywhere, I feel. Link here.

Hope you find these more recent reports of interest.

11 June 2018 -19.50pm

I was sitting in the garden on our patio with my parents, enjoying the warm
evening weather - hence three witnesses; jets were arriving right to left as usual,
on their flight path to Gatwick. Usually 12,000', down to 10,000' before the
Chichester area. At 19:50 pm, I suddenly noticed at a level which seemed high,
but lower than the planes, a bright object. My view through my 10 x 50 bins
showed the drawn object' a perfect circle, top half the same bright red as the
DPD parcel vans, and the bottom half as described.

It was travelling out over Portsmouth towards the Isle of Wight in a S/W direction;.
it flew a very steady course, was not a balloon in my opinion and didn't appear
to climb or descend. I lost sight of it eventually as it went behind the house that
backs onto ours in ********Road, to the South.

My parents saw the object as well, but not through binoculars.

As I said, it is so hard to estimate size, height & speed, but in my opinion, it must
have been on radar as it was approaching the inbound airway for Gatwick, high
enough to provide a signal return to a ground based control center, but under
the jet height... what it was who knows!

Both of the next sightings were from my south facing bedroom window, i.e.
looking out towards the seafront/Isle of Wight direction.

I was woken up with a very urgent pee requirement, so went to in the bathroom
at the front of our house, on both occasions; while up in the early hours, I often
take the opportunity to skywatch! This year I have been aided by a triangular
reference point/area which helps to flag-up any unusual moving/strange objects
in or near that region of the night sky.

13 June, 2018. Got up, looked out of window for any UFOs, saw what I thought
was just 'another planet' (I'm still half asleep, as I should know there hasn't been
a planet in that location... until tonight!) I took my bins up off the window sill,
focused them on the 'object', and it just seemed like another orange-coloured
planet; so I put my bins back on the sill after a few seconds of observing this
thing, looked back at it... gone... just blinked out!!!

I stayed for as long as I could as my bladder could hold on, but eventually I had
to go! I returned, feeling much better now, and watched the same area of the
sky, but never saw it again; then, on the morning of 22 June... a 'carbon copy' of
the 13th sighting, just different time, plus on the 22nd, I didn't even view it
through my bins properly, it just 'blinked out'' before I had time, it was gone
when I returned from the bathroom.

I only wish I knew how long it had been visible, on both occasions before it
'blinked out'. I will never know, but maybe someone else, somewhere saw
the same object? Again, size, height, distance from observer not known.
Apart from these 2 occasions, I have not seen it before, or since.

Very interesting though - a true U.F.O. or a U. Stationary object!?!

See below for David's drawings of his 2018 sightings.

David Twine Sightings June 2018
Please click this image to enlarge for clarity