Week 15: Abducted by aliens at end of the street

The Truth is Out There with Richard D Hall

ARE there any alien abductees in the North East?

To answer this question I will briefly outline the story of an elderly gentleman from Gateshead who contacted me recently with an amazing story.

He telephoned me in response to an advertisement I had placed in the local paper for a talk about aliens and UFOs.

He proceeded to tell me the story of him being taken on board a small alien craft when he was a child in 1940.

The craft was parked at the bottom of his street behind some kind of invisible barrier.

He and another boy managed to get behind this barrier and were then grabbed by a group of aliens, who took them on board a craft and examined them.
They took blood out of the back of his neck and eventually let the boys go.

Before you dismiss this as childhood fantasy there are some facts to take into consideration:
Firstly, the man has been telling this story all of his life from the age of seven, and has suffered ridicule because of it, but the story has never change.

I visited his older sister and she confirmed these facts: Secondly, I have interviewed the man and his exact words to describe the alien were,
"One was like big foot and the others were small, about 4 foot, horrible looking grey creatures and one was human looking, tall with long blond hair."

I recently listened to one of the worlds leading experts on the abduction phenomena, Derrel Simms, who has investigated over 1,000 abduction cases.

Simms described the creatures which abductees typically experience, and they match the Gateshead mans descriptions.

His story gets even more sensational. He went on to explain how one of the small aliens appeared a few days later and was killed by his Uncle using a shovel.
The dead alien was then taken away by the army, who proceeded to intimidate witnesses so they would keep quiet about what they saw.

Further evidence that the story is true comes from the late night talk show "Night Owls". The man telephoned night owls several years ago and told his story on air.

He told me that some people telephoned the show to confirm details of his story.
I wrote to the shows host Alan Robson, and he wrote back confirming that numerous callers remembered the incidents of 1940.

I am making a series of programmes for Edge Media Television, (Sky Channel 200), and this story will be featured in detail in one of the programmes.
Programmes are due to start in late November or early December, the show will be called Richplanet.net.

Anyone who believes they have had an abduction experience and wishes to share it, you can contact me via

If answers can be found to the abduction phenomenon, then we may well be able to answer the question which many people ask, "Why are they here?".