Witness report from 8/10/08 Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK

Observed 8/10/08 between 6:45 and 6:50 PM - over Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

"Red and black grenade shaped object seen flying over rooftops along Abingdon High St, no engine noise, not an air balloon, no blades as with helicopters, no avaition lights, not a microlite as no noise, flew over at approx 150-200feet appeared as a black orb then changed colour to red, approx size no smaller than a new mini car, and seemed to be following the River Ock.

This thing was not a light aircraft but definately 3D grenade shape, far to small to be a hot air balloon, no passenger basket underneath, it's change in colour was not the result of a burner being used or from internal lights and appeared to take on a metal look once it had changed colour; the object was travelling faster than a microlite and was heading towards the Abbey grounds and meadows.

I am used to all sorts of aircraft we regularly have helicopters, hot air balloons, Lear jets, commercial aircraft, Cessna's, gliders, police and military aircraft flying in and above Abingdon air space, this was none of those; the object seemed to be suspended in mid air without any means of support; it was not floating or gliding... was under power and flying in a constant straight line, flying through sky like an upright egg, not horizontal like a cigar.

It appeared over rooftops as a perfect black orb... when upon colour change, it also changed shape and looked just like a giant red metalic upright grenade.

The object disappeared over the High St and was no longer in the sky where it should have been; there was no cloud cover; it was no larger than two new mini cars side by side; it could not have been a weather balloon as these float/glide whether going up or down and this was definately under power; there was absolutely no engine noise, either the roar of a plane, the swoosh of an helicopter or the buzz of a microlite."


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