Christmas 2007 at my mom's house, and this picture of her was taken by my sister with a one time use Kodak camera. Mom had just been home 2 weeks from the hospital, recovering from a stroke. All the other pictures taken that day, in the house and or in that front room were okay. (Without any anomalies like in this picture) Also, this picture was taken in the approximate middle of the available number of pictures on the camera.

I don't believe that this is dust in the camera since there is a projected shadow on the curtain from the flash. However, there wasn't anything visible upon taking the picture.

I am curious as to what this may be in the picture. My mom has since passed (Aug.2008) at the age of 83. About two weeks before she passed, mom had mentioned, and asked several times, who the little boy was in her room. Maybe this is related to this incident?? Who knows ?