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Taken at Clanfield, Hampshire, 09/08/08
Kodak 8mp camera used;
weather conditions dull but fine at time of visit, drizzled a little.
We e-mailed this image to BUFORA for their opinion and they replied:
"apart from the bird, what ufo are we meant to be looking at?"
What kind of bird could this be? I ask myself.
Clearly BUFORA are NOT interested in the truth at all.  

       There have also been other UFO sightings made by those who live in Clanfield.

       Such as this example: 

       Clanfield, Portsmouth, Hants, UK, 25. 09. 10
       Time: 9.25pm
       Location: Clanfield
       Statement/Message: 'I was lying in my bed which is situated just under the
       window and I could see the moon and stars as I lay resting for a nights sleep,
       when an orange ball of light caught my eye and glided across the clear moonlit sky.
       It went at a speed faster than a light aircraft but slower than a jet.
       I shot up to try to comprehend the object but it dissappeared beyond the trees.
       Within a few seconds of lying back down another appeared exactly in the same
       direction towards south east gliding by as the first one did.
       I listened out to hear if there was any sound of distance plane noise but there
       was nothing.
       Did anyone else see them?
       I have never seen anything like this before.'