08-10-2008: Three photos of an unidentified, shot at night in Putnoe near Bedford, Bedfordshire, UK by Gordon Dungavel.

Witness message: "Hi Ken & Hil, I was putting the bins out late last night when I noticed a bright, colourful light shimmering and dancing through the middle of a huge chestnut tree behind the back of our garden.

I got out my digital and ran around the block towards Goldington Green park for a better view.

A large half moon was visible to the left but not the bright, kaleidoscopic light, which meant that it was emanating from the woods behind a now fenced-off building that burnt down a while back, which we live behind. I returned home, and again the light was jumping around behind the top middle of the distant tree; putting my camera on full zoom I took several photos before the light blinked out.

As I say, it was extremely colourful, and these photo's have not been touched up; they come direct from the camera.

The sphere made no sound. Could it be an orb or plasma energy of some kind?

I stood skywatching for a further hour and saw nothing until it started raining.

I'll set up a tripod for tonight in case hopefully it might return.