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First published 12-11-2007

A UFO spotter from Felpham has appealed to anyone else who saw the objects to contact him.

Leo Lindsay and his wife, Rosie, watched the visitors from outer space from a bedroom window.

Mr Lindsay has since had unofficial confirmation from the Ministry of Defence that two RAF planes were sent up to investigate the phenomenon. "The RAF don't do that unless there is a real reason," he stated. "I can't believe no one else saw the objects.

I would estimate they were each about the size of a house. "Anyone walking along Felpham seafront at that time would not have been able to miss them. Mr Lindsay estimates the objects must have been above Felpham seafront in a beautiful light blue sky with white puffy clouds. He was looking out of a bedroom window in his home in Roundle Avenue at about 6pm on October 4 when he saw 'two round football-shaped objects' coming over the trees high in the sky.

He went downstairs to tell his wife. He watched as the objects changed to become 'multi-faceted diamond shaped discs which moved further apart'. The fighter planes appeared on the scene ten minutes later. Two aunts staying with the couple also saw the incident.

In November 2012 Mr Lindsay contacted United Kingdom UFO Group with a more detailed account and conclusion of what happened on that day with illustrations, including his wife Rosie's version - exerts from a book that he is writing. It was a very bright sunlit afternoon - a few puffy clouds in evidence. The sky in the West surrounding the Sun was bright pink. I was upstairs when, at 5.55 pm I looked out of my bedroom window and observed two perfectly round orbs gently floating above the houses and trees.

My immediate thought was of two balloons moving gently upwards and toward me. The UFOs colour was a pinky hue, clearly reflecting the sun away to my right. At first, the perfect circles were very close together but were moving slowly apart.

I went downstairs thinking I've never seen a round balloon before. A few minutes later, while looking out of our patio door from the kitchen, I was astonished to see the objects had changed to silvery pulsating star-like objects.

To the naked eye each orb, as my aunt remarked, looked like two dancing together. As my binoculars were close by, I looked up, and focused in on the objects. At first, I thought there were two pairs present. I distinctly remember thinking how am I ever going to draw what I am looking at.

This shape seemed to move up and down in a fluttering motion, the sun catching one side then the other, giving an impression of a double act, when quite clearly only one object was seen. I must point out that I never observed the second UFO through the binoculars, not wanting to take my eyes away. However, my wife did. (Picture one shows the object tilted towards us with the bright sun on my right lighting up the right-hand side of the craft, leaving the left-hand side in shade.) It then levelled out to now resemble a shape familiar to us all, a saucer with a teacup upside down.

The craft was now oscillating gently. The upper section revealed a panelling effect, which my wife described as a multi-faceted diamond shape.

The only contradiction I can find between my version and my wife's is that she saw the craft upside down to mine. As I said, she was the only person to watch both UFOs through the binoculars. We seemed to be losing our focus and realised the UFOs, still pulsating, were moving away in a direct line from us and climbing in altitude. Suddenly, from right over our heads heading directly for the UFOs, now vertical to each other, appeared two rapidly moving aero planes, the drama taking place against a backcloth of a translucent white puffy cloud which had remained in a fixed position in the sky while this had all been going on. One UFO was now showing in the cloud; the other was below it.

At first the lights were exactly in the middle of the planes flight path. Just before the two aircraft reached the cloud, the lights, just as bright, moved slightly to my right into the flight path of the right-hand plane.

The pulsating lights went out and the right-hand plane passed through the spot where the lights were last seen, not close by but exactly. The right-hand plane then turned sharply left and joined up with his companion, continuing on their flight.

The contrails they left indicated the aircraft were jet powered. I have to say that I was surprised at the altitude of these aircraft. They seemed to be operating at about half the maximum height of a civilian airliner, say 15,000 feet, when the UFOs were at their closest to us, say maybe a quarter of that. About ten minutes later, my heart still pounding with excitement, I noticed a plane appear from our right, at a right angle from the first two aircraft, and fly towards the puffy white cloud - now just visible in the sky, and flew around it and headed off towards the direction it had come from. Once again, the accuracy was spot on. a few minutes later I sighted the same plane coming from where the original aircraft had ended up and returning from whence it had come. Thirty minutes later I saw a total of six fighter jets appear flying in a line across the sky like soldiers on parade, and continue their flight along the same path taken by the previous aircraft over sea. 

Rosie's Account: I had been resting my knee when my husband, Leo came up with a cup of tea at about 5.50 pm. It was a lovely afternoon and he was looking out of the bedroom window, taking in the beauty of the garden, birds and sky, when he told me he could see a couple of balloon-like things in the sky, and then went downstairs to the kitchen to obtain a better look.

I got up and looked out of the window and saw two objects, which I didn't think looked like balloons, although it was difficult to make them out as the sun was glinting on them. I went downstairs to have a better look at them, first with the naked eye and then through binoculars. By this time the things had changed.

They were no longer round but more like multi-faceted diamonds, which were pulsating a shining light - that is the only way I can describe these two objects. By this time Leo's Aunties were also observing the phenomena, totally unlike anything I had ever seen before. The sun was slowly sinking in the sky, so made it easier to focus. The pink hue was still present and the sky was a clear blue, apart from one fluffy white cloud. The objects then slowly started to move further away, at which point two jets flew towards the same direction. 

I corroborate what my husband has told you, apart from the fact that I saw them upside down, (as the above illustration). Leo's conclusion May I offer some of my own conclusions to what we witnessed. If these flying saucers do not show up on radar as the MOD would have us believe, surely there is our first coincidence: how could the planes have found these flying saucers so precisely?

The direct contact plane did not appear to fire on said objects, so was the pilot's intention to fly into the UFOs kamikaze style? I think not. But this is exactly what would have happened had the lights not extinguished seconds earlier, or, have the pilots some prior knowledge of likely outcomes, (vanishing into thin air)?

It seems unlikely a pilot would risk leaving a life or death decision until the very last second. As I was writing this, my wife poked her head around the door and said: What do you want for Christmas? I replied: This pilot's mobile phone number will do.

Another coincidence: How could another plane arrive, albeit, late, on the very same course, hit the target area undeniably accurately, then return from whence it came? A few minutes later the same aircraft was spotted zigzagging about presumably looking for something.

Can it also be a coincidence that not only did I spot six fighter jets in the area thirty minutes later flying in a line like soldiers, but disappearing on exactly the same flight path out to sea? It would be nice to know if flying saucers were spotted over Northern France on that early evening. These objects might or might not have been of defence significance, given they are plumb centre of a very busy flight path to all points in Europe from Gatwick and Heathrow. These facts alone should be responsible for a light going on in the MOD's head, not least because of safety considerations! Yet nothing, zilch!

It makes no sense for the MOD to ignore, prevaricate, yes, neglect no, the result of their actions is at they very hub of a story which is now beyond coincidence. I know very little about radar, but sure as hell these UFO's must! Why would whoever is piloting then show (when first spotted), their largest surface area towards major airports radar systems?

Could the occupants be testing our defence response times, as archaic as they must seem to our visitors? This begs the question: Can UFOs hide themselves from our radar screens at will? For the answer to that: Why has nobody been able to catch one? Some will argue that what we saw was a secret craft either ours or another country's. If these flying discs belong to Great Britain why send up planes to investigate our own projects? Surely other countries would not be so foolish as to test secret craft close to our major airports, also, mindful of our own air force capabilities.

As a humble builder, even I know that a disc shape is aerodynamically unsound at earthly speeds. However, with enough thrust, a brick could outrun the space shuttle, the point I'm coming to is: wee, as humans could not possibly survive and accompany the said brick, so the question must be: Who can? Sorry I'm not gullible enough to swallow all these coincidences over a one hour period, I prefer my own common sense and simple logic for the answer. I vow never to let this story be swept under the MOD's carpet.

My MOD source through a family friend and of their own volition reported, planes were sent up that afternoon. I feel quite privileged to have seen this scenario unfold with three other people.

Special thanks to Leo Lindsay for sending me this latest report on his sighting.