Encounters With a Tall, Dark-Clad Alien Figure

(2 of which happened at my home!) by Hilary Porter 


In one way or another, I have been involved with ufo’s and the paranormal from an early age; since babyhood in all probability,

considering how my Christening photos show a phantom visitor standing between my father and my Godmother -

with myself, (the baby), staring directly at this ghostly apparition!

pictures which have been analyzed by experts, yet even they could not provide any logical explanation for such strange images.


Originally taken in 1946, these photos were examined in more recent years by a photographer working for

the Daily Mirror newspaper; this guy is a true professional, and still prefers to use old-school film cameras rather than digital,

and he develops all of his own pictures in the traditional way; he concluded that they were not the result of double exposure or chemical

runs caused during processing, (as others might try to dismiss them as) - neither are they tricks of the light or anything similar; these are genuinely

unexplainable images.


Yet it wasn't until the early spring of 1980, when it really hit me as to the true extent of these other-wordly vistations!


The time was about 7.30pm, and I had just put my little daughter to bed,

before going into my lounge to switch the TV on and have a good rest.


Nothing could have prepared me for what was about to transpire.


All of a sudden, my relaxation was shattered as I suddenly noticed someone there outside, practically right up against my lounge window!


My first fleeting thoughts were how could he have got in? as we have high wooden fencing and bushes three quarters of the way round, and

link wire fence-dived gardens on the other side, ...then my thoughts turned to calling the police.


This intruder was of absolutely giant stature, which I judged to be no less than 6ft 7ins high, (probably even slightly more than that),

so tall in fact, that he was bending his head down into the little fanlight window to peer into my room!


I looked-on startled, terrified and yet outraged, at the cheek of whoever this might have been.


As I stared, I could see that the uninvited visitor was dressed in black from head to foot, and had a helmet-type of head-covering with something

like a black visor on it; yet this helmet seemed to blend into the suit somehow, it was very weird, almost as if it was an all-in-one suit of some kind.

Above, my drawing of event, ...please click to enlarge.


I froze to the spot, thinking to myself that either this is an extremely tall person dressed in bikers gear, or as my heart told me,

it’s something not of this world, …“Don’t blow this Hil”, I thought, “stay as calm as you can and observe as much as you can, it’s important to your research.”


At this point the visitor raised his right hand.


For some reason I did the same and raised my right hand as if in reply.


Next, this “being” suddenly moved, but without walking, (more like sliding), … zooming backwards, a good 5ft back, and up to my garden wall.

Then the figure moved up on to the garden steps at least another 5ft to his left, …again without walking, as I didn’t notice any legs and the movements

were truly super-humanly fast.


Because of his huge stature he blocked out most of the view of my

neighbors’ greenhouse and shed, and I noticed as he stood there that the sunlight was

making a sheen on ‘his’ suit, but I had never seen a material quite like he was

‘wearing’ before.


Then the visitor quickly vanished right before my eyes.


Yet rather than frighten me-off the whole subject of ufo’s and aliens, this encounter served to strengthen my interest further.


With the help of The UFO Info Exchange Library in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, (of which I was a member at that time),

I had already set up a special UFO telephone hotline for others to report sightings to me, …and 3 months after my man in black experience,

I had a phone call from two nurses at High Hurlands Hospital, Liphook, Hampshire. (click here for a PDF of the FULL story )


It was on a Sunday evening in July, time 9.45pm.


The hospital sisters were so upset and distraught they actually couldn’t speak much at first, but I managed to reassure them

and told them to take as long as they wanted.


Gradually they calmed down and started to relate what was going on; they said that there had been several incidents where a UFO had

flown over their hospital and hovered in the sky for quite some time.


Apparently they had observed it’s movements very well, and told me how the object always came from the

Guildford direction then moved away southerly, towards the Portsmouth area.


But they went on to say things have got very scary now; this craft seems to be getting bolder as time goes on, and is now

“landing in the old orchard within the grounds of the hospital”, and a big, tall “being” is often seen prowling the area following each landing.


As with my own encounter, they said that the being doesn’t walk but just “moves at incredible speed”.


“Staff coming off, or going on duty from the nurse’s home are seeing this visitor popping up all over the place, and they are terrified.”


Not only that but this “being” has taken to “coming right up to the windows of

the wards, and we have handicapped, sick children to care for, so we are having

to put the blinds down as it’s scaring the life out of these little ones.”


The lights of this craft could be seen from a window in the staffing quarters, and

very bravely one of the nurses went just outside the door, armed with her

camera, and took several pictures, but because it was very dark they didn’t turn out.


I was sympathetic and stunned by all the things these nurses had to tell me; then they

asked me if I would go straight down to Liphook to investigate, but I explained that I had a small daughter to look after.

I was on my own and couldn’t leave her, as she too was handicapped.


The nurses understood and I said that I would try and get help for them as another researcher, Omar Fowler, lived near-by.


It was not long while I was mulling over all that had happened, that the “penny



The nurses had described this visitor as very tall, dressed all in black, and wearing

a strange helmet with a visor in it.


This description matched with my own encounter only 3 months before, plus I have

a special needs child.


I thought hard on this situation.


Maybe humans who are carers and nurses are being monitored by the aliens, and perhaps in a world of never-ending wars and

suffering, these “being’s” are studying the loving, caring side of humanity.


Anyway, next I heard was that Omar Fowler was taking the hospital case on and so I left it in his very capable hands.


Things seemed to go quiet for a while, then, one rainy evening, in late November 82, this alien/paranormal visitor came to my house again!


And this time I had as a witness, a friend playing with my daughter Sally in the lounge!


She was in the alcove to the side of the curtains, and my daughter was lying on the floor watching the TV.


Suddenly there were several loud bangs on the window pain, and my friend stepped

back to see who on earth this could it be.


At this time I was totally unaware of what had just happened as I was cooking

the evening meal, when suddenly my friend came rushing towards me, arms outstretched,


“Oh Hil” she said, as she buried her head into my shoulder shaking and crying,


“You have a prowler, …but he’s gone now”. “He was very tall, dressed in black and he started banging on the window

maybe to attract Sally’s attention; “he didn’t know I was behind the curtains, and I think I must have given him a bit of a shock, …because when he saw me he went off.”


She told me that he was dressed all in black with a helmet on and a huge black gauntlet-covered hand.


my drawing of 2nd event at our house, ...please click to enlarge


My friend insisted I phone the police, so to keep her happy I did, and they said they

would keep a watch on things around there…


At no time could I reveal what really took place, as it would have blown my friend’s

mind and the police would have thought us both barmy.


All these years later, and I still can’t sit with the curtains open in the evening

without thinking that the being in black might return again someday.


The above experiences have strong similarities with yet another case, where a large black alien entity was encountered in Bradford, UK, way back in 1955.

Please click here to view an illustration from Vol 8 of the excellent set of books entitled Haunted Skies - by former Police Officer John Hanson and his partner Dawn Holloway.


Hilary Ann Porter


Video: 2014 Lecture concerning these cases - given by Hilary at the Probe Conference, St Annes, Blackpool, Lancs.


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