[Jan 30, 1995] -- Unprecedented sums of private money are flowing into UFO-related research. Big donors include Robert Bigelow, Laurance Rockefeller, Prince Hans-Adam of Liechtenstein, and a pair of wealthy New York women operating as the BSW Foundation. Also of note: OMNI Magazine's editor-in-chief Bob Guccione (who also publishes Penthouse) is staking big money on OMNI's new "Project Open Book" in hopes of finding "real evidence" of UFOs.

Among these donors, there is no apparent consensus on the perceived "nature of the phenomenon," beyond the fact that they all take it seriously.

Robert Bigelow, who recently pledged one million dollars to a research fund jointly administered by MUFON, CUFOS and the Fund for UFO Research, and whose previous largesse bankrolled the now-famous Roper poll on "unusual personal experiences" as well as the short-lived Triad Research Conference Foundation, plainly believes that well-funded research might produce much-needed breakthroughs in our understanding of alien phenomena. Recently he has supported some of the field research of Linda Moulton Howe.

Laurance Rockefeller has told several well-known researchers that human-alien encounter on earth is the most pressing issue of our time, and has pledged to use his few remaining years and a portion of his huge wealth to further not only UFO research but also official acknowledgement. Rockefeller money supported the Human Potential Foundation of C. B. Scott Jones, which in turn has undertaken several public initiatives on human-alien encounter. (Recently, it appears, Jones and Rockefeller have parted company.) Rockefeller gave a reported $250,000 to Dr. John Mack's P.E.E.R organization. Rockefeller is also said to be pursuing "back-channel" influence on President Clinton's inner circle of advisors, with the apparent hope of prompting official revelations before 1996.

Prince Hans-Adam of Liechtenstein, said to be among the world's wealthiest men, may have been a silent partner in one or more of Robert Bigelow's UFO projects. He also seems to believe that human-alien contact is the top issue of our time, but views at least some of the aliens as dangerously negative. I have not been able to learn the extent of his giving, but it is potentially enormous.

Two wealthy New York-based women, Sandra Houghton and Marie Galbraith, have formed the BSW Foundation for the avowed purpose of bringing the "best evidence" of UFOs and alien activity to the attention of world leaders. They are collaborating to some extent with Laurence Rockefeller and have placed emphasis on promoting United Nations action on the UFO question. They have a potential ally in Madame Boutros-Ghali, wife of the Secretary General, who has made it her personal business to instigate serious UFO investigation under U.N. auspices. Meanwhile, Sandra Houghton has met repeatedly with Dr. Steven Greer of CSETI, and traveled recently to Mexico with Greer to see the much-ballyhooed Mexico City UFOs for herself. Like Greer, the BSW Foundation seems dedicated to the assumption that our alien neighbors are benevolent and contact is sure to be good for humanity.

OMNI Magazine has been criticized by many UFO enthusiasts for an apparent skeptical bias bordering on debunkery. Not so, says investigative journalist A.J.S. (Salley) Rayl, who writes often for OMNI on UFO issues and was the featured guest at an ISCNI public forum on Sunday, January 29. "OMNI's Project Open book is looking for evidence. It is not in the business of debunking. In fact, publisher Bob Guccione seems certain we'll find that evidence," Rayl said. Guccione is said to have put more than a million dollars on the line to fund the efforts of the "Project Open Book" panel, including Rayl, who says "good cases" are pouring in faster than the project can handle.

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