04-12-2009 6:36:25 AM

Stacey, (sis-in-law) was round trying to get Tracy's laptop going, (can't without wireless router it now appears), anyway she was on the floor messing about with it, she stood up and complained to me it was freezing where she was sitting and had to move.
The gas fire was on and the rest of us were roasting, she returned to the spot and jumped up again asking me for my camera (as I was taking some photo's of her niece & nephew). She took a picture of where she had been sitting, she sort of joked "I think a ghost is touching me - it's freezing over here!" (She believes her late mother is still hanging around her).
I thought no more about it until yesterday going through my card with two weeks of new photo's on it.
This was the picture she took - I can't help but notice that there is a purple light in the middle of the photo at the bottom dissipating upwards in the photo.
Am I seeing things or can you see it too?
It's not a great photo by any means but it made me recall the incident. Of course she is sure it is of her mother!

Hope all is well Gordon.

Update from Gordon: 04-13-2009

Ken, that 'ghost' photo I sent you that my Sis-In-Law Stacey took last week in my house. She thought it was her mother, well get this.
We've just had a phone call from my Brother, Stacey's Dad Ray has been found dead in his bed this morning!
Now that is freaky, maybe this was her mother's ghost trying to pre-warn her that something immanent was about to happen, and was there to comfort her & be a guide to him?

Mr. Ray Hall 13/4/09 RIP

My reply to Gordon

Hi Gordon,
Thanks for the update...that's sad news.
Perhaps it was a coincidence, but on the otherhand, the purple light might have been a cry for help from Stacey's Dad...these things do happen.
Years ago, when I was just a child, my grandmother died from hypothermia, alone in bed...
She lay there dead for weeks without anyone knowing.
We lived down South and her up in London, so we didn't get to see her very often...with no one to check on her except neighbours and social services.
Yet just a week before this happened, I received what I believe was something of a premonition about her condition.
I had a strange 'dream' about seeing an old lady laying in her bed, and with these images I also experienced an overwhelming feeling of her being very cold.  
I tried telling my parents about all of this, but they just told me 'not to be silly'.
It seems that the spirit world finds it very difficult to contact people in a time of crisis;
but I think they do try their best to communicate with us if at all possible, using whatever means possible.