AMAZING HAPPENINGS!!!!! 30/10/2008 Putnoe, Near Bedford, Beds, United Kingdom...more Messages and Photos from Witness Gordan.
"KEN / HIL I'm shaking typing this e-mail out. Today was the morning of Mary's funeral. All her family were obviously having her wake next door.
I thought tonight might be a good idea to have a few hours skywatch in the back garden despite the cold - I felt something might happen as I couldn't get her out of my mind.
Half an hour ago the most beautiful light I've ever seen appeared above her garden. I just can't believe these shots, they are perhaps the best I've ever taken of an unknown phenomenon. KEN WHAT THE **** IS THAT? It lasted about a minute and blinked out. Nothing since, but as soon as I send you these I'll be back out. The light source is about the size of a football, like a swirling rainbow of colour, I've never seen anything like this.

Light Blasted Versions...with the bottom pair clearly showing more detail... i.e. the object coming over and down the garden fence!

2nd email, later-on
"Ken, the light reappeared and floated down into our garden by the fence, I could only get one photo. Skeptics will say it looks like a light reflection from inside our lounge as it appears transparent, I can see the fence lines behind the light. All I can say is the photo was taken outdoors, the object was not solid, it was transparent, and maybe one of the most important photo's I've ever taken. It's the only one where the flash went off. I literally screamed like a girlie and ran indoors as I didn't want it to touch me. This is like the Twilight Zone, what happens if it can float through walls into our bungalow? I won't sleep tonight that's for sure.

Latest: 31/10/2008 "Ken, thanks for all your e-mails. Some very nice comments have been made from your friends. Yeah, I've calmed down a bit. I was not frightened of it as a spirit entity but more concerned that it was electrical in some way and I might have been electrocuted if this thing touched me.
Tracy knew Mary seven years ago when she nursed her after Mary had her stroke, she died at 73 years of age having been retired many years. She had lost her husband 8 years ago, but had four sons who visited her regularly. She died of leukaemia in a local nursing home.  It's all quiet now, but you know Pilgrims, they'll get someone new into her bungalow very quickly.
I've been out about an hour skywatching, but it's too cold, but I've got the blinds up so if anything appears tonight I can still be quick to react.
Of course this thing may have nothing to do with Mary, I've never heard of a spinning ball of multi-coloured light as a ghost. Also I notice at the top of the object there appears to be a round dark area which these amazing lights spin around. There was no heat coming from it and it was completely silent. It moved randomly like a giant bug would do. It would then just blink out as if someone had turned off a light bulb.
I've got all my camera's set up ready, so roll on anymore sightings - I'll keep you updated. There is some great stuff on the BEAMS site.
For now hope you all are well, Gordon."


Aerial view of where Gordon lives.

Update from Gordon: 11/11/08
"Ken I got two more photo's on my card that night than I thought of that colourful orb, I've just seen these - that's strange. One is very odd looking at total odds with the coloured ones, I was taking pics so fast that maybe it's a camera fault.
All the best Gordon."

Here is one of these images, slightly darkened and enlarged for inspection... note the apparent figure, (of a woman in period dress?) is this Mary again?

"Ken, remember I said I took dozens of photo's of that light that night, but only five came out on the card. Well every time I reinsert the memory card I get another image crop up. This looks like an image of a person facing the fence with that transparent coloured light in front/behind it. I have no idea what these images represent."

This is the best, single, example of these 'extra' images, which mysteriously appeared on Gordon's camera memory card.
Left is the original pic, untouched.