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Audio Recording: Real Special Case: UFO Seen Hovering Over USAF RAF Chicksands Base, Bedfordshire UK - 1964 or 65

Important Notes - Please study.

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I happen to have lived close to this listening station for many years, and can authenticate that indeed, there were numerous, solid ufo sightings for these parts.

I even came to learn through a contact, that a secret, and very important underground section exists to the facility; I have it on good authority that 'there is as much below ground as there is above here'; make no mistake, Chicksands, which stands on a very powerful ley line, can be a very strange place at times: Complete with it's legend of a black puma roaming the surrounding woodlands, and its allegedly haunted Priory, located in the grounds of the base itself, nothing would surprise me in the way of high weirdness emerging from this place. 

My experience from having investigated this area, strongly make me believe the caller was relating a true experience from her memory.

One Woman's UFO Account:
Back in the mid-1970s, a woman phoned the National UFO Reporting Center with an extraordinary account involving a UFO sighting over RAF Chicksands, England in 1964 or '65.

She describes how she was playing badminton with a friend and they were laughing and chatting. At some point, they could no longer hear anything and their attention was then caught by an object hovering above the nearby oaks. She runs to tell her father who notifies the base security; he's apparently a senior NCO and attends to matters on the base - he's gone all night.

Several years later, she asks him about this incident. He tells her that six other listening stations simultaneously experienced the same events and he won't go further than saying, 'They weren't ours.'

Naturally, I've spent some time trying to substantiate anything in the claim and haven't uncovered much. At the same time, it's important to recognise that nothing leaves secure sites like these. As it stands, this is a single report that hasn't been repeated anywhere else. In many ways, it's unique. She was correct about family quarters, there were tall trees and the secret nature of the base was likewise accurate. If there were any UFO sightings at the other listening stations they haven't seen the light of day...I haven't found any reports yet.

The nearest relation to a claim like this could be the British Topcliffe and Operation Mainbrace UFO reports from 1952. Military witnesses reported seeing various objects including a disc-shaped craft. Those sightings are considered by some to be amongst the best evidence for actual unknown craft in the skies.

In the event of this being a hoax, I wonder what would motivate her? Why choose a base in England and why opt for one whose purpose was little-known and secret? If she did indeed spend part of her childhood there, would that render the broad fabric of the story true? Sounding sincere is no guarantee of honesty or sanity, but she does sound at ease and not manic.

Anyway, give her a listen and see what you think about it.


Further info that was passed to BEAMS, some years after the publication of this story:

Dear Kenneth and Hilary,
I wish to clarify a few things for both of you with regard to RAF Chicksands and the USAF leasing of that base from the British.
I served my second tour of duty at RAF Chicksands from late 1967 through the end of 1969 after having served also at Karamursel AFB, Turkey.
1. I have calculated that the young woman making the report published on your site, as well as the original site from where it was taken, to be authentic with regard to approximate dates. She reported that she and her friend were around 14 to 15 years of age. Having witnessed such an event during 1964/1965 and reporting it at around the middle 1970's to Gribble, would have made her right about 24 or 25 when she called her report in. This seems to be fairly accurate since you can hear her children crying and making noises in the background during her telephone call. Quite expected for a young mother with little or no experience with regard to disclipining such children. So, that I suspect is honest. This would also make her at or around age 62 or 63 years of age today.
2. I worked at the "Hill" [not the hole]. There were no holes or tunnels in Chicksands. These are how mis-information begins ...rumours. Chicksands had no holes ...only the "Hill" where our operations center was located. The FLR-9 antenna array [aka Elephant Cage] took up around 35 acres of land space and was directly linked to the operations center by way of an underground line [perhaps this is where she got the idea, as a young child that there were "holes" or "tunnels" in the ground.
3. The antenna array [FLR-9 was not a satellite antenna]. It picked up signals through the air/space.
4. There were dozens of USAF stations encircling the USSR and its satellite countries and we copied all of them. This is part of the reason as to why the USSR is known as Russia today and their having lost their forced power over other countries [including East Germany]. Not just seven such stations.
5. Yes, they were small stations but we had hundreds of airmen working at each one of them including British Intelligence officers. They, as the turks in Turkey, primarily worked independently of us whilst using our facilities. This was standard arrangement.
6. We could "literally" build equipment designed to copy unknown signals intercepted over the air. We had so much equipment [electronic radio receivers, computers and devices that it would blow your mind if you were allowed access back during those times].
7. Satellite systems made our advanced technology out of date and defunct by the late 1980's to 1990's. RAF Chicksands/USAFSS/FLR-9 no longer exists except for the famous Priory.

Most Sincerely,
- - - - - - - -
[Former USAFSS Sgt.]


Daring thoughts and some potentially important intel:

Hmmm this guy states:There were no holes or tunnels in Chicksands. These are how mis-information begins ...rumours. Chicksands had no holes ...only the "Hill" where our operations center was located. The FLR-9 antenna array [aka Elephant Cage] took up around 35 acres of land space and was directly linked to the operations center by way of an underground line [perhaps this is where she got the idea, as a young child that there were "holes" or "tunnels" in the ground.

Well, I am beginning to wonder whether this is itself disinformation... please read on.

Back in the 1990’s - two former military guards - one who worked at the RAE Farnborough and
another from the former RAF Chicksands listening base, Bedfordshire (now called D.I.S.C.) Defence Intelligence and Security Centre, personally assured me that there is far more below ground as there is above at these sites. Operating with Supercomputers in their huge underground facility at D.I.S.C. (accessible from an area on the base known as ‘The Island’), they simulate possible outcomes of nuclear war etc, with those at QinetiQ, Farnborough.

Then a daring thought crossed my mind; at the end of the day, what a great cover story this 'war games' proposal may be; after all, the military have rehearsed such scenarios thousands of times over - how could anything more be learned from all these strike computations? It has to be wondered whether this idea of them playing ‘war games’ down there below the Chicksands base was merely put about at important military sites like this to pacify those of a lesser clearance level; such as curious guards and other staff of minor rank, who see, or get to hear about selected personnel going down to this mysterious sector, about which accurate information is highly restricted.

Special thanks to ATS for info and TheGetjiggy for YT material.

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