This video and still image is from Shirebrook, Mansfield, Derbyshire, UK, and was posted mid-January, 2008.


One Cited Cause of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Occasionally Seen in This Region: 

Derbyshire sits on extensive coal measures, up to 900 metres (3,000 feet) thick and occurring largely in the north of the county. 

Early mining texts from similar areas tell of strange lightballs seen emerging from the ground by prospectors who were exploring mineral seams.

Although much remains unknown about the phenomenon, electrical discharges generated by tectonic stress deep within the earth,
is often cited as one theory for the production of these glowing energy spheres.


To my mind, the above geo-explanation cannot be claimed as the ultimate solution for the Shirebrook UFO, or for the historical
incidents of unidentified, glowing aerial spheres, which are on record as having been witnessed flying around here on occasion.

No, quite the contrary, in a percentage of such cases, we are left with a big problem about this type of UFO simply being pigeon-holed
under the category of Earthlights, (as they have become coined), due to the sometimes high degree of sentience diplayed by the objects...
as opposed to them appearing as just lifeless lightforms, which is how I would expect such a naturally-created mass to be and behave, ...just dumb!

Or are the earthlight-ists telling us something more by default, ...that our current physics textbooks are wrong, and should be
consigned to the dustbin forthwith?