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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

Above: Original photo - UFO: 2012, Mount Saint Odile, Strasbourg, France (Click to enlarge)

Below:  Blow up of mystery, invisible object

The Abergavenny Chronicle reported that "a photo picturing what looks like a UFO hovering above the statue of a Saint in a famous religious site in France was captured by a Penpergwm man who was visiting Strasbourg with his wife last Autumn, (2012)

For centuries the Mount Saint Odile just outside Strasbourg has been regarded as a marvel of nature and as been described as ía high point of spirituality.í The Charles Wackenheim guidebook states that it is a place where, "Mystic sensibility rubs shoulders with cosmic emotion."

Since the dawn of time this rare site has captivated all who visit it and it is still surrounded by a relatively well preserved wall of Celtic origins. Because of its religious connections it attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists each year, including in 1988 Pope John Paul II who once visited to make a blessing at the tomb of Saint Odile.

Yet the cult surrounding Saint Odile since the 12th century has not been known to recruit any extraterrestrial members - until now!

A photo picturing what looks like a UFO hovering above the statue of the Saint on Mount Odile was taken by Jeremy Mead, who alongside his wife Marion was visiting their extended family in Strausbourg last September.

Jeremy told the Chronicle, "When I took the picture it was a crystal clear day with blue skies all around, but at the time I didnít notice anything untoward flying about in the sky.

"It wasnít until I later looked at various photos on my computer that I noticed what appeared to be something quite stark and colourful in the picture. It also appeared to be in a different position in each picture which would suggest it was moving."

Jeremy added, "Considering its apparent size, shape and colour, I wondered how I or anyone else who was there didnít notice it at the time, and Iím still puzzled as to what it could be. Itís pretty much a mystery to everyone I show. Some say itís a space ship, others are a bit more sceptical, as for myself, the jury is still out, but I do know that itís a very strange thing to see so near to such a place as Mount Saint Odile."

Saint Odile died on 13 December 720, a long time before people even had a word for UFOs let alone report sightings of them. She was born blind but was said to have recovered her sight when she was baptised and was named Odile, daughter of light.

Known as the patron saint of the partially sighted and the visually handicapped, she is also regarded as the saint of all those with a burning desire to rediscover the light of faith after living so long in the darkness and shadows of doubt and disbelief." Source: Abergavenny Chronicle

Additional notes: Note how the witness "didnít notice anything untoward flying about in the sky" when taking his pictures? Yet another invisible UFO it seems, where an unidentified aerial object is accidentally captured, (indeed we have quite a few reports like this featured on our BEAMS site in the "Reports" section), but was unseen with the human eye at the time... 

Yet as BEAMS investigator J.D. Bluestone rightly points out, it could be the case that nothing is truly invisible.

"Nothing is truly invisible. We can either see it or we cannot and there are plenty of examples in nature of creatures which cannot perceive something because it is effectively outside of their electromagnetic range.

Take the colors that insects see; humans cannot see the same thing and this is because our perceptional abilities are different. The universe is basically one big electromagnetic form with frequencies and harmonics defining our place in it and our perceptive abilities.

We cannot for example perceive what is commonly known as ghosts because (unless they want us too it seems), our electromagnetic perception is unsuited to see them, as or eyes and brains are conditioned so to speak to perceive within a very limited range of visual frequencies and that is simply why we only see within what we refer too as the visual light spectrum.

We cannot perceive thermal energy, except via the sense of touch or from the thermals against our skin and we cannot perceive radiation which is why we are afflicted by it so easily as we do not know we are being harmed, our cells corrupted and damaged.

The same is true of UFOs. There is no such thing as true invisibility, no, when UFOs fail to be perceived by people it is simply because they are outside of the visual light range that we can see, yet animals seem to act as if they can see them, or feel them.

There are numerous examples on record of animals being very badly affected by the entities from UFOs as well as UFOs themselves. Perhaps it is something to do with ESP (Psi, which is another type of EM energy) or their hearing is better ... perhaps its something we simply don't understand yet, but when UFOs seem to vanish they are not engaging an cloaking field to borrow from science-fiction, but are more than likely moving beyond our physical perception.

Perhaps moving out of phase with what we laughingly refer to as reality and may be even dropping into other dimensions, although I like to believe that they are in fact still there but we simply cannot see or interact with them because of this interphasing condition.

This would also explain why they vanish off of radar as the waves have nothing to reflect off of, and why plots fail to see them. Its a very nifty trick, although to them it may be a consequence of their locomotive systems, their drive so to speak.

For I've long wondered if EBE's don't come here from outer space at all but from parallel states. Basically same planet, different dimension." J.D. Bluestone

"Additional notes" are the intellectual property of J.D. Bluestone 2016 All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized usage or reproduction will be met with legal action. 

Main story source with special thanks to the Abergavenny Chronicle.