UFO theory boosted by celestial coincidence

A woman who believes she filmed a UFO was delighted this week when she saw footage very similar to hers.

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The photo taken by Yvonne Staines at the River Festival in July
Pictures in The Sun newspaper this week bear an uncanny resemblance to footage recorded by Yvonne Staines and published in Bedfordshire on Sunday in July.

Mrs Staines featured in BoS in July when she approached us with some remarkable video.

At that month's River Festival, Mrs Staines had used her mobile phone to video a ball of light as it moved across the night sky.

The ball of light appeared to shoot a beam of red light at the ground, although Mrs Staines did not see this until she watched her recording.

In the month after we published her account, various suggestions were put forward to explain her sighting.

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The letter from the MoD to Mrs Staines
The most popular was that Mrs Staines had recorded illuminated balloons set off at the festival, although this explanation could not account for the red beams.

Mrs Staines reported her sighting to the MInistry of Defence, who dismissed her sighting on the grounds that there was no threat to national security.

Mrs Staines wrote back saying: "The sightings could potentially pose a risk to national security.

"I certainly wouldn't want to be standing under the red beam that came out of these craft when they were being fired." The MoD did not reply.

Now a near-identical sighting has happened in Lancashire, again filmed on a mobile phone and again the person who recorded it saw no red beam at the time.

On seeing The Sun's pictures this week, Mrs Staines said: "The same red beams were on the footage but again these were not visible to the naked eye.

"The MoD was not interested in my sightings at all and dismissed it, but what will it take for them to start taking this seriously? "I am relieved that somebody else has seen these as some people have accused me of editing the footage."