Strange Images Captured at Waverley Abbey, Nr Farnham, Hants, UK

On the evening of April 14, 2008, this digital photograph plus a few others, were taken by a family friend in the grounds of the ruined
Waverley Abbey, near Farnham, Surrey, U.K.
Although nothing unusual was seen at the time, two of the resulting pictures showed what I consider to be very interesting anomalies.
The first shows what I would call an entity, (a ghost, sprite, jinn, fairy, or even an alien perhaps), and one of the other snaps features
an orb and some strange, misty manifestation.

The entity photo is presented here in three stages of analysis;
first, the original as-is untouched; next, the figure has been boxed-off and shown in negative;
and the last part of the picture simply shows the original image with some light-blasting.
Beneath this, the light enhanced and negative versions are shown enlarged.

I have personally known the witness who shot these pictures for many years, and can vouch for her integrity.

Update on this story from a an eagle-eyed C2C viewer

This particular photo struck me as odd: I saw you had posted it on C2C from April 14, 2008.
Didn't know if you had noticed the large face that seems to be behind the orb taking up about
40% of your photo.
I  cropped the image to make it easier to see .