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Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

This report was submitted to BEAMS at 02:23 AM UTC - 17 August 2016

Structural engineer observes huge vertical triangular unidentified with 3 bright pulsing red lights - each of them the size of a small car in a huge isosceles formation... A5082 heading south towards A577 Manchester Road, Tyldesley, Wigan.

Bolton, Lancs
12/08/2016  9:07:50
Mort Lane A5082 south towards A577 Manchester Road, Tyldesley
I was driving back to Warrington from Kearsley via an unusual route for 
me as I use the A666 then M60-M62 motorways. I travelled to pick up the
East Lancs road A580 on a short cut. I drove down Mort lane and
immediately noticed (at the bottom of the road where it bends left)
a strange triangle of very bright red lights.

My first though was a low hot air balloon... simply because of its size
and speed: I knew it wasn't a drone as a neighbour has one which I often
see in Kearsley whizzing across the sky with all its colours flashing etc
which is the size of a dustbin lid: No, this was huge and I was very alert
and attentive... I even slowed down to watch it.

When I first caught site of this UFO it must have only just crossed the road
from left to right at the bottom where it bends to the left. I don't recall any
other vehicles on this road at the time.

I was slowly rolling downhill towards it.. all the time I was thinking WTF is
that..its right in front of me and I'm sat there kinda thinking that old "well if
it looks like a duck?"

I actually eventually stopped right at the (road bends left) sign I honestly
 couldn't take my eyes off it...more so in trying to work out in
my brain what it was that I was looking really was a strange feeling
because I'm a structural engineer and have spent most of my 35 years in engineering solving problems.

Three bright pulsing red lights - each of them the size of a small car in a huge isosceles triangle formation... and they were definitely fixed -
by that I mean throughout the whole time I observed it float
across the horizon they stayed exactly the same distance apart.

Now for the strangest part... the triangle was in a verticle plane - upright.... as in two lights at the bottom and one at the top..I would estimate the
lights at 20 meters apart and the top light was some 30 meters
above them
... it simply floated very slowly... I mean I watched it go right
across the treeline to the distant horizon...

I was in two minds of curiosity and amazement to turn around and chase
it. as it drifted like a hot air balloon it didn't make any stop starts or jerky just drifted ..but get this... NO SOUND.

I got out the car and watched it for some minutes; then I thought 'FILM IT
YOU IDIOT' this time cars were passing both ways... I got my Nokia N95 fired-up but I couldn't see it on the screen hence I
wasn't sure I filmed it but I could follow it with my naked eyes, so I just
pointed it in the direction of the trees which it was passing behind.

All the time it was slowly drifting I had a perfectly clear sight of the red
lights pulsing; all the lights were a full round shape...they were all pulsing
at the same time and same speed..and I would state that I did not see any
structure between the lights...absolutely nothing was visibly seen to be
keeping the lights apart - it was just x3 lights.

May I close in saying that if this turns out to be a huge set up then I
would bet all my money that I have described what I saw with great

Update received 17/08/2016: "I contacted the police today.. and the Manchester Evening News to ask if anyone else saw this UFO... no reports - which is crazy as it went right over a housing estate towards Atherton from Mort Lane.


Update/further clarification from witness 18/08/2016: "The flashing light you see in the video is the three red lights merged together at a distance...the object was quite far away by the time I filmed it... look at the size of the glow from that distance of at least a mile away.....its huge !!!
certainly flashing red up to and coming out from behind that last large tree and that tree is 60 foot tall ?

Witness diagram

Witness diagram showing what he saw


When I first saw it at its closest, after it had crossed the road... it gave me a true idea of the size of it because it had just passed the large farmhouse ...I used this farmhouse to scale its size; the upper floor windows of this farmhouse are about the size of a small car... a Mini say?  If you look in the picture I attach you will see that I have overlaid the video to exact scale with the landscape from Google maps.  I used three small triangles of paper stuck to my tablet screen to give you an idea of the scaled to size object when I first saw it... (triangles were easier to cut You can now see exactly what I saw.This is just how I first saw it with the sky showing inside the red lights and also all around it."

That object slowly travelled across the land from left to right behind the treeline... getting further and further away.  You can see it approaching the big tree then coming out from behind it. So to clarify your post, the one pulsing light is all three lights together at distance.   Maybe someone can enhance the video image to clarify this ?" end.

BEAMS has attempted to enhance the footage, but we were unable to improve the visual quality very much.

The footage is here
detail screengrab from video