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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

The British Earth & Aerial Mysteries Society - (Acronym B.E.A.M.S.)
Britain's Oldest Totally Free Investigative/Reporting Center...
Where We Take UFOlogy And The Paranormal Seriously!

: Kenneth John Parsons and Hilary Porter.

Chief Video Analyst/Research and Investigation Specialist: Kenneth John Parsons.
History: Apart from being an active Ufologist since the early 1980's, Kenneth John Parsons is also involved with Paranormal investigation and was once a colleague of Mr Maurice Grosse, a much respected ghost hunter and investigator, widely known for his involvement in the famous Enfield Poltergeist case.

Kenneth later decided to go public and share his wealth of knowledge with others; so, along with a good friend of his, veteran UFOlogist Emily Crewe, they established B.E.A.M.S. The British Earth and Aerial Mysteries Society. This started life as a voluntary studies and investigation group based in Kempston, Bedford, Bedfordshire, which dealt with UFOs, Earth Mysteries and the Paranormal...

Back then... Emily, (who was quite a forward-thinking lady) rightly believed BEAMS should gradually spread its wings more, and that we should attempt to share as much information as possible, not just regionally as we were doing, but nationally; and what better way to achieve this for starters than by publicizing our organization? So, in 1991 BEAMS began expanding its operations, steadily recruiting other fellow investigators throughout this country via advertising and promotion in various magazines; and eventually of course, we created this internet site!

A few years further on, and Kenneth was introduced to Hilary Porter, who had been a UFO/Alien 'experiencer' since her early childhood - and she kindly offered to help run BEAMS; later still, with Emily retiring in the year 2000 before moving to an assisted living facility in Cumbria, the task of running BEAMS was left fully to Ken and Hilary.

In 2007, Kenneth also worked on an edition of UFO Hunters for the History TV Channel concerning Ley Lines and Earth Energies; in addition, both he and Hilary regularly helped to promote the UFO/Paranormal subjects by contributing articles and information to various specialist publications.
Cyber Attacked: It is said that denial is the most predictable of all human responses; and a
particularly malicious incident where our website was once hacked into and trashed, is perhaps a
prime example of the extraordinary lengths some people will go to in order to stop UFO evidence being published. A bit older, a bit wiser, and incredibly, we're still going! but rather than just being satisfied with things the way they were, we have made numerous improvements to BEAMS... including relocating our HQ to Farnborough, Hampshire and setting up a network of trusted assistants... oh yes, and upgrading our computer security to the highest level of protection!

Our Site Has Been Totally Removed From The Net on Three Occasions!

First time we vanished off the net was when the BEAMS URL just expired without our knowledge (long story); and after not being able to recover the original address, we had to settle for a .org version instead, which meant starting our ranking point from zero.

Another loss occurred due to the aforementioned cyber attack, and most recently, the site was manually removed by myself during a personal crisis. Each time we bounced back though, but obviously our ranking position has been severely affected by all of this.

Now we really were working at the fringes!

Google Stats: Although not that high, the BEAMS ranking isn't half bad for pages that aren't even mobile-friendly, having been designed so many years ago. As far as British UFO reporting and investigations go, our site still seems to attract a good number of visitors.

So as you can see, contrary to the well-orchestrated media hype that you may have read on the net about UFOlogy becoming less popular - we can verify the complete opposite; from where BEAMS is situated, this subject is just as in vogue as it has ever been!

Exposing Hoaxers! Publicly exposing hoaxers/deceivers working within our subjects is something else that we take great pride in; already BEAMS has put three such individuals out of
action by naming and shaming them; here, we take the subjects of UFOs and the Paranormal seriously and have no room for time-wasters.

Free Abduction Counseling And Support Service: We even provide an excellent and discreet counseling personal support service, free for anyone who has been affected by UFO or Paranormal encounters; this is run by Hilary Porter - a lifelong alien 'experiencer' and abductee herself.

Our doors are always open to those who would like to share their knowledge with us, either in confidence, or for inclusion on our database, (with anonymity assured) if they so choose.

Gazing at the Sky And Witnesses:  Our network of sky watchers are tasked for the visual detection, tracking and reporting of UFOs over Great Britain.

About Forums, Comment Boxes, Facebook, Conferences And Group Wreckers: There are some really annoying people about; those who we know, would like nothing better than to infiltrate BEAMS in order to cause as much disruption as they can.

They've tried it on with us before - the 'group wreckers' as we call them; the type who get some sort of kick from spamming us, introducing fake news, spyware links, and/or arguing with everyone they can get the attention of... right down to criticizing spelling or grammar in postings.

Now the reader will realise why we no longer have an online forum or use comment boxes; we don't attend or speak at conferences either, (which are mainly all pointless yada yada yada hot air, fantasies, money grabbing and ego trips) and we certainly don't do Facebook... a wretched place in our opinion; although this obviously doesn't apply to most FB users, there are just too many non-believing, petty-minded, boring, sad, lonely people on that service for our liking.

No, we stay away from all of the aforementioned madness and just get on with our work of gathering/studying/reporting photographic evidence of UFO activity!

And Finally: Please remember that BEAMS isn't only about UFO/'Alien' Phenomena, Earth Mysteries and Conspiracy (Facts), we are extremely interested in anything Paranormal as well; so, if you have
any genuine photos or footage, (Handycam, DSLR, Smartphone, Trail Cam, CCTV etc) taken in the UK, with anything inexplicable on, then why not submit it to our team for analysis? First though, please be sure to fill in a Report Form - and then upload your visual material to us using our Dropbox Account - (even very large files are accepted), and if we like what we see - we may very well publish it on our site... while keeping the sender anonymous of course!