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From The INQUISITR 12/09/2016:

A Helicopter Chases Two Triangle-Shaped UFOs Over The River Exe,
Exmoor, East Devon, Somerset, UK


They are calling the sightings of a pair of UFOs in the United Kingdom “The Exe-Files,” a cheeky homage to the hit Fox Television show about the paranormal and, at the same time, a rundown of the eyewitness accounts in the vicinity of the River Exe. And although several people claimed to have seen the triangle-shaped UFOs and a helicopter that seemed to be giving chase, none are quite certain as to what was seen.


And then there is the account of the witness who doesn’t think it was a UFO at all…


The Exeter Express & Echo reported September 13 that a man called the newspaper wanting to know if anyone else had reported “two ‘triangle spaceships’ spotted in the sky above East Devon at roughly 10:30pm on Monday.” The man, a resident of East Devon, told The Echo that he had been having a cigarette in his garden when he observed two triangle-shaped UFOs flying over the Phear Park area of Exmouth.


After insisting he wished to remain anonymous, the man admitted, “I know it sounds crazy, but I saw what i saw. I wish I got a picture. I would be very surprised if no one else saw them or heard the helicopter.”


He went on to provide further details of the UFO sighting.


“The two of them were bouncing around and then the helicopter turned up and seemed to try chase them through the sky. They bounced one way and then the other and then headed back in land, not towards the sea. They went off pretty quickly, not supersonic or anything, but faster than a plane.”


“The helicopter was trying to follow them but gave up and headed towards Sidmouth,” he added.


As it turned out, the man was not the sole witness to the UFOs and the chasing helicopter.


In a subsequent report, The Echo recounted the eyewitness account of a second observer. He, too, asked to remain anonymous.


“I believe I have seen the same thing. On hearing the sound of a helicopter I looked out to see if it was another police chopper. I am a serving soldier and I can say I’ve never seen anything move in the way these objects were.”


However, a third witness to the incident has a theory as to what might have occurred in the skies over the River Exe. Calling himself “Vic,” the witness wasn’t so sure that aliens and UFOs were involved in the helicopter chase.


“What I saw was a bluish light sweeping over the garden very quickly. My reaction was that someone was playing about with a laser. I ducked around a corner and then I heard the helicopter. I presumed it was the police helicopter and I did see the flashing lights of the helicopter.”


“Then, I saw a steady green light pass over my house. The light was not flashing. It was heading north-east from where I live. The helicopter also flew over my house.”

He said he went back inside his house, but the helicopter remained near. So near, in fact, that it made his front door rattle.


Vic said he remembered thinking that “the cops are after some twerp with a laser, though lasers don’t tend to be blue. The helicopter left after 10 minutes and I got engrossed on Facebook and forgot about it.”


But then he read the UFO sighting article in The Echo and “did a bit of research and you can buy blue lasers.”


But Vic added that he still wasn’t certain as to what was going on. “There was something unusual over Exmouth last night. Some idiot with a laser strapped to drone? I don’t know.”


According to the Exmouth Journal, there are several UFO cases in the so-called “Exe-Files” stretching back to just before the turn of the millennium, including an incident in 2000 where a witness, Exmouth resident Gary Qualter, filmed six UFOs in two groups of three. Each group appeared to be silently chasing the other across the sky.


Qualter did not come forward with his film until 2009, Noting that the quality of the film was poor, he explained what he captured nearly a decade before.


“The six objects were in two groups of three, two white objects and one blue in each group. Each object appeared to have three sections. All six were spinning at the same speed. They silently drifted across the sky, relatively slowly. They were fairly high up, but were certainly not birds or aeroplanes.”


UFO expert Nigel Wright, who lived in nearly Littleham at the time, said the video footage reminded him of an aerial “dogfight.” He claimed it wasn’t unusual for UFOs to be engaged thusly, but it was the first time it had happened over Exmouth in a century.



[Featured Image by broukoid/Shutterstock]