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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).


16-04-2016 - 3.20am: UFO Over Garden and Horse Field - Denmead, Portsmouth, UK

Please read witness report here:

16/04/2016. 3.20am
Location: Denmead, Portsmouth, UK

"Orangey colour approx human head size may be smaller and it was glowing, was hovering 7ft away in my garden.

Message/statement received by BEAMS:

"Hi yes, I recorded this on my iPhone.

It started in the evening thinking about it now, I was in the conservatory the dog was really restless growling laying down on his bed which he never does, I was sitting at the table facing the window into the garden and we don't have blinds on that Window, I noticed a few times that a dim light was brightening up the garden so I was up and down like a yo-yo trying to see if the security light was on in drive and was shining through which it wasn't, didn't really take much notice. Went to bed couldn't sleep as the security light in the drive kept going off in the end I got up to go and turn it off at the mains, I don't know why but instead of sorting the drive bit I went back into conservatory with my dog I didn't put the lights on downstairs and straight away I saw a orangey-coloured object outside.

Object Over Witness' Garden
Enlarged still from video

The dog saw it too because he went mad and ran straight up to the window it was in, to be honest I had to focus my eyes as couldn't figure out what it was and said to myself what the hell is that went closer then it started moving away from me and disappeared somewhere but everything happened to quick, I went grabbed my Mobile sat back down and I'd say 5/10 min I saw it again in same place.

It was like it was watching me as much as I was watching it, I got up walked to the window it moved back again, there was no sound at all, I live rural so no street lights it's pitch black all round me.

It's so hard to describe and feel so stupid saying this but it was hovering no more than 10ft off the ground, then say 10 feet approx away from me; I can't say they were definite features but t felt like it resembled a head start on ft of, I honestly don't know why I was so calm about it all but there again I've never had an option or even chatted about if I believe as never crossed my mind, videoed for approx a min and it gradually disappeared but felt it was just as in intrigued with me, it's so frustrating as I try to explain what happened but and struggle as I have no clue and never seen anything like it before.

I know I keep saying this, but a bright orangey colour object was hovering in front of me and darted here there and everywhere then I start to laugh because I know I sound nuts, it went over my neighbors field as my garden backs onto her horse field.

I actually want to see it again tonight as feel if be more prepared and listen to my gut instinct which has been telling me some one or something is around outside." end statement.

Yet the story doesn't quite end there: would you believe it, although Hilary and myself are based in Farnborough, Hants, later that same day as the Denmead, Portsmouth sighting, (which we didn't know anything about until far later when we returned home at around 8pm), we decided, (completely at random), to travel down south to a spot near Bedhampton, (overlooking Langstone Harbour with Portsmouth on the other side), to conduct some sky watching; we set off at about 12:30pm and arrived about an hour later.

Our luck was in this day, because we had an incredible UFO sighting after waiting just 5 hours there at about 6:35pm: Unfortunately I was unable to capture the object on camera, because by the time it took to get out of the car and set the camcorder up to record, the UFO we had both seen so clearly, vanished in the clear blue sky right before our eyes... it was truly a breathtaking wonder to behold!

Hilary had even studied the mystery craft using high powered binoculars.

This slow moving object was silvery, circular, with a bold outer line around its body, slightly translucent, and it had something like small round appendages underneath, one either side; we could even see the sun reflecting off its 'hull'.

I'm still kicking myself for not having recorded this... but next best thing, we have made a sketch/composite for the reader; please see below.

At first I tried to rationalize the situation and thought that surely, what we were seeing here was merely something like the front of a helicopter or other aircraft head-on coming towards us; but that's just me trying not to be influenced by personal feelings or opinions, in reality this object was partly translucent, very weird looking and silent - this was no helicopter or anything else so commonplace.

What are the odds of that? Two UFO sightings within hours of each other and only about 2 miles apart?

Composite Sketch of Object Overlaid on Photo Taken of Area Same Day

Above: Composite image (click to enlarge) - a sketch of the unidentified aerial object that we saw in Portsmouth, (not drawn to original scale, in fact to the UFO was a tad smaller than shown here), overlaid on an actual, same day photograph, (taken slightly earlier), of the exact area where our sighting occurred.

The question in our mind is this - are these two UFO sightings related by more than what some might think of as simply a coincidence?