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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

Julie Goring

Julie Goring BEAMS Nelson Lancashire


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Hi, my name is Julie Goring; I am so happy to have found this site and volunteer my assistance to BEAMS in the collection of UFO and Paranormal data.

I've been having paranormal episodes since the age of 16; these things do not scare me though, in fact, I consider it quite an honour... that whatever is behind these happenings has chosen me.

Once, I even experienced what is known as 'missing time': This particular event happened around 2015-16 on a Thursday. My morning alarm for a work day is always set and left on 6.00am but I still always routinely check when I retire to bed that it's still set for 6am. Thursday morning I got up for work and checked the time with my phone and then the kitchen clock and then while watching TV
as I ate breakfast.

I left the house at 7.30 ready for the one hour drive to work. As I approached my car I spoke to my neighbour who said he was just nipping to the shop then he was leaving for work in half an hour
about 8.00 he said...which confirms that the time I set off was indeed 7.30am. My journey to work
is 43 miles and usually takes one hour depending on the traffic. So I arrived at work and was met by bemused staff wondering why I was so early, I was confused, then I checked the time I found it was still "7.30". For the whole morning I felt in a surreal state not to say befuddled. I still to this day  think about what may have happened in that lost hour. Very strange indeed. [I might point out that this time anomaly wasn't due to me forgetting to set my clock back on the last Sunday in October, which
I did correctly.]

Whenever I am able, I document my encounters as they happen; it would take me all day to cover everything, but I have included some photos here that the reader may be interested in.

Firstly, I have taken photos of what appear to be entities, (alien/spirit?) at home and on my travels.

Alien or spirit
Unaccountable figure captured in one of my photos; an alien or spirit perhaps?
Please click to enlarge this for close study; its form is bizarre, almost like ectoplasm.

Drawing that I made of the 'head' of this thing

Spirit manifestation; image adjusted for brighteness
Above: Likely entity manifestation captured in my bedroom;
image is auto contrast/brightness adjusted for clarity.
I have showed this to another paranormal investigator who
told me that the figure must be "a doll "- but I swear it isn't.
Really, I have no idea what the figure is or where it came from..
so must assume the most obvious explanation - that it is either of
spirit or 'alien' origin.
Sometimes it's as if another dimension is coming through." JG

I think I might also have had alien contact; the events that I can remember include a white laser
type scar on my arm which suddenly appeared for no reason; also, I was always Rh negative blood as my daughters are, then suddenly it changed for no reason to Rh pos.

At my blood donor session I was told by the nurse that they are seeing this happen more often
these days and have no idea why Re neg blood groups are changing. Readers here probably will
know the history of the alien link to Rh neg blood.

The paranormal experiences I have had also include premonitions and recollections of other

Shadow being
Above: Alien/Spirit: Shadow being? (please click image to enlarge; this will help reader to see the figure)

So, what first prompted me to take the random bedroom shots which captured these figures? the reader might well wonder: It all began Christmas day 2015; I remember it was around 7am when I
got out of bed to start my day and as soon as I got up I had this strange urge to pick up my phone and take about 5 photos pointing at the wall mirror opposite my bed.

I feel now that I was prompted to do just that by paranormal forces. A few photos showed nothing out of the ordinary, but 3 had the entities. I didn't see the figures with my own eyes.

Another interesting thing took place a few months ago. I had just closed my eyes ready to go to
sleep in bed late at night when I felt I had to look behind me high up behind my bed.

What I saw took my breath away, it only lasted about 10 seconds but I was in total mesmerised
awe. There was about 15 small white-silver sparkling stars moving around in one area, in and out and around they sparkled. Then, just like that they had gone, in an instant. I blinked just to make sure
my eyes weren't playing tricks, they weren't. Also my bedroom was in total darkness with no light coming in from the window that could have caused the star show, blind down then curtains closed.
I didn't want the light show to end because it was so absolutely beautiful. I do sometimes see orbs moving around the bedroom with my own eyes.

A few years ago it all got so overpowering that I sat in a development circle at my local spiritualist church, to learn how to control the contact I was having and how ground and protect myself, which has helped.

I also started going to UFO conferences to try and make sense of my experiences; must say though,
I wasn't that interested in the alien UFO topic to begin with, until I found the white straight scar on the inside of arm, near my wrist - and the fact that my blood group changed around the same time!

Mysterious scar
Mysterious, and very neat, surgical-type white scar that suddenly
appeared on the inside of arm, near my wrist; (click to enlarge)

I've heard footsteps walking in my bedroom for years, on and off, but never dared to look.

Once I saw something amazing appear on the corner of rug one evening, while I was watching TV; what looked like a silver box, about 12" square, spinning round with sparkly bits coming off it; this lasted a few minutes.

Then there have been the strange coloured, 'shooting' orbs and sparkling shapes which suddenly present themselves.

Marked and with inset                                 Disappeared on this second pic
Bedroom shot 1:                                                                                         Bedroom shot 2:
Marked and with enlargement inset                                                         Taken just seconds later
Above example is from a few months back:
The first shot has a tiny sparkling orb on that has disappeared on the second pic

Blue orb                                                 Light orbs
Coloured orbs photographed around my house

Above left is an unusual blue orb that I captured one day;
right is what I call a 'shooting orb';
notice how this has blue tinge
as well (please click to enlarge)

"I do sometimes ask them to appear on demand - and they usually oblige."

Interlocking orbs

Interlocking orbs - bluish again (click to enlarge)

Shooting orbs                         Pink orb                     
                            Pictured above left is another shot of a 'shooting orb, but white this time':
                                     Above right is a picture is of my young grandson wearing his roller boots;
                                     the original photo of him is full length but I've cut it down.
                                     It shows a pinky orb next to his foot.
                                     After I had taken the photo and saw the orb I looked to
                                     see if there was a ball or something on the floor, but no, nothing.

Ghostly hand on grandaughter's knee
In this shot there appears to be a hand on my granddaughters knee. Her left hand was on the floor. (marked)

Mystery ribbon and orb appear of Halloween costume
This photo was taken 2 or 3 years ago; my
granddaughter is wearing her black Halloween costume;
a mystery 'ribbon' shaped like an 'X' appeared on
her shoulder, which also has a tiny sphere on it;
we are at a loss to explain this, as the 'ribbon'
certainly doesn't belong to the costume. (brightened)
Orb over Mother's doll
Above: The doll on the chair is about 90 years old and belonged to my mother; after Mum died I brought it home; have taken many other photos of this scene trying to catch another orb as I did here, but without success.

Anyway, hope I haven't rattled on too long, it's just that the paranormal is a massive part of my life, due entirely to my own experiences; but as I am now a reporter for BEAMS I would like to log
a quick report here from someone else; this snippet of information concerning a UFO sighting was given to me just today, (09/08/17), during a conversation with a female
work colleague.

She told me that about 10yrs ago, her husband was sat in the conservatory of their house in Radcliffe Manchester, when he spotted a stationery, black triangle in the sky; seconds later, the object suddenly shot upwards and was instantly gone. The hairs on his neck
stood on end!

Julie Goring Update: 14/04/2018

Last Sunday evening I was on my own in my house quietly watching a documentary on my laptop concerning UFOs spotted by hundreds of people in the sky over Palestine and Israel, especially over places of worship. All was quiet, no TV, nothing making a sound. Half way through the film I made a coffee then came back to watch the rest of the film and within five minutes I heard what sounded like stones or pebbles being dropped onto my wood floor with the sound of them scattering. Nothing could account for this phenomena.