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Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).



by Ken Parsons

Many people including myself, are aware that we each have a 'Soul'; the 'soul' is also known by other names as well such as the 'astral', 'inner' or 'spirit' body... different titles that are basically attempting to describe the same thing... the subtle, ghost-like body that resides within every living person.

I am unsure whether what I am discussing applies to other lifeforms as well, but all the evidence suggests that there is a definite spiritual counterpart of the human flesh frame, which has a far different rate of molecular vibration to solid matter, thus making it totally invisible to normal sight.

It is known that under certain conditions, this 'inner body' can detach or project itself from the corporeal body and move around freely: When our spirit travels out, it remains partially attached to us through a kind of psychic umbilical 'cord', thus enabling the physical brain or mind, (and there is strong evidence to suggest that the mind is independent from the brain), to recollect everything encountered by this energy counterpart of us.

The separation of our inner-self is termed as an Out-of-Body Experience, (OBE or sometimes OOBE), and is a sensation that typically begins with a floating, lifting feeling, (either directly upwards or out through the top of the skull), and then perceiving one's physical body from the outside, (as it were), looking back at one's self.

For me this isn't all just hypothesis, I have personally witnessed, experienced and researched most of what I am discussing here; having had numerous OBE experiences, I can say that each time for me has been the most liberating feeling imaginable!

To begin with, when I first used to have Out of Body Experiences, it sometimes felt as if my 'projected body' was just like my 'normal' body, complete with head, arms and legs; but after a great deal of study about this phenomenon, I came to learn that really, this 'feeling' is just signalling from the physical brain to the nervous system that I was picking up on.

When separated from the physical, our 'spirit body' is 'just' a mass of spiritual energy.

I have observed this many times, the spirit body does NOT look like the organic human 'body' at all, but is more in the way of a fuzzy, orb-shaped, (roughly or sometimes more clearly defined), energetic mass, (which can be of various colours, a factor that I suspect, is determined by our degree of spiritual development, together with our physical age and state of health), and the movement of this projected mass is either fully controlled by our brain/mind, via the psychic cord that I mentioned earlier.

Once outside of our flesh frame, this energy body uses the brain's/mind's extra-sensory capabilities for it's data processing, which even includes the ability for it to see perfectly in the dark.

Video Evidence?

To me, such circular geometry seems entirely logical, as the circle or sphere is the most energy efficient shape found in nature; and in spherical form, is how our spirit is likely to survive after physical  death... as this video of a possible spirit sphere seems to suggest.

Please examine the above video capture of 'orbular' phenomena, (which I have dubbed a 'spirit orb') that was seen floating in the corner of someone's bedroom; the sighting lasted only for a few minutes, but just enough time for the shocked and astounded witness to grab his video camera and catch a short piece of footage, before the large, mysterious sphere simply vanished... as is so often the case with Unidentified Flying Object phenomena. This object was videoed using 'Night shot' - an IR or infrared feature sometimes found on cameras, which enables short range recordings to be made in low light.

I am satisfied that a 'spirit' would have no need for legs - it simply floats off the ground - as we do whilst OBE-ing; (incidentally, OBE-ers move along at the speed of thought; just think where you want to be, and in-a-second you're there!) And it goes without saying as well, that OBE bodies have no need for proper arms and hands either, as it is impossible whilst in this different vibratory state, to touch anything physical.

Another indicator that I will briefly highlight is the Poltergeist phenomenon: I have seen plenty of footage, (including infrared), captured by CCTV cameras of poltergeist phenomena, where supposedly 'earthbound' spirits, (perhaps those who refuse to believe they are physically dead or can't seem to 'pass over' for some reason), throw or otherwise move objects in households, public buildings etc, maybe out of sheer frustration?

Sometimes during such poltergeist episodes, 'spirit' lights also manifest, but never have I seen anything like a human figure that has been recorded; amorphous blobs of energy floating around yes, but never a human outline; no head, arms, hands, body, legs etc can be seen in this example from a genuine video of poltergeist activity captured in someones home; but make no mistake, human-looking ghosts DO exist, (well, sort of), although these are more in the way of what I would call 'ether recordings' ...historical ghosts etc that have been somehow imprinted into the very fabric of our environment, only to be replayed/triggered/made visible under certain enigmatic circumstances; those are a different phenomenon altogether from what I am detailing here.


Many readers may have heard about 'Aura' photography, where the 'Bio Energy' field of a person can be captured on camera; indeed if one goes to certain 'Psychic Fairs', for about 20 one can have their own 'aura' photographed with the use of specialized equipment.

The human body does in fact give off certain radiations, including weak electromagnetic emanations (from the electrical activity of the nerves etc), but I still maintain the argument that even if what is being picked up using this method is indeed energy from the inner body, once this leaves the body as a complete entity, (for want of a better term), it does not retain the shape of a human, but rather, it forms into a spherical mass.

Of course, mainstream science scoffs at such talk; but there is plenty to suggest that OBE's are a very real phenomenon, and that many of us have these experiences to a greater or lesser extent; it's just that most people have been socially conditioned to either forget/dismiss such 'silly' notions.

The problem is that the human brain/mind seem to be able to disguise these OBE recollections, turning them into dream-like memories through a kind of subconscious self-programming; unless one is very lucky enough to be born with the gift of perfect recall, it becomes difficult for many people to recognize or accept this phenomenon when it happens to them... with the experiencer simply left with sensations of having had a strange 'dream'... of how they could fly unassisted, moving at superhuman speed, or simply floating in mid-air.

Blunden Road, Farnborough - Where I Used Have Many OBE's

Me as a little child, standing on the wall of our family home, a bungalow in Blunden Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, where I used to have countless out of body experiences; in later years we moved to Petersfield, but strangely I don't remember having any OBE's there; and later still, we relocated to Emsworth, Hampshire, where the experiences began to happen again.

When I was a child I used to have absolutely loads of these out-of-body episodes... and even now, I still enjoy such adventures every so often. As I mentioned, we may ALL undergo fairly regular OBE's; it may be an automatically-triggered process by the body, but we simply forget that we have had them... confusing OBE's for dreams.

For all we know, these states of temporary separation between spirit and flesh may even act as a kind of release mechanism to aid our well being... something that might be almost as important as sleep itself.

I chose/choose not to forget about my other body excursions, or be brainwashed into being 'sensible' and thinking conventionally, which certainly leads to a greater clarity and focus about each experience, and rather than worry that all of this is a bit odd, I prefer to embrace and enjoy every occurrence.

It was in my early years when I first realised that being in an OB state is the only time when any of us are truly 'free'... normal sleep comes a poor second by comparison. Yes, I would drop-off into deep slumber after a while, but an hour or two further down the line I would feel myself rise out of the bed, then look back at that little fella, (me), snugly tucked-up and sleeping, and then eagerly 'fly' through the closed window and play with large, coloured orbs which were waiting outside for me.

Instinctively, I knew that the 'orbs' out there were in fact other children... whose main bodies were also sleeping; they too, like me, continued to play... but in their OBE states.

Bizarrely, (to many perhaps), our 'play' often consisted of merging and creating a strange, heavenly choral music; presumably this was made by using our combined energies: Some people might find this a bit creepy, but I enjoyed that music so much that I looked forward to hearing it; but I haven't experienced anything quite like it since, even during my adult OBE's, which have never included this 'merging' of spirit as I used to get; and that might be why this fabulous audio sensation has been missing from my out of body episodes since then; because both my mind and body have matured... and grown out of it, (so to speak), to a certain extent.

As the years rolled by I became an ambient musician, and have attempted to recreate some of these ethereal OBE sounds as best as I could... often coming close, but never quite to my satisfaction.

Once as a child in an OBE state, I even floated through the closed door of my parents bedroom, and saw their spirit orbs, (the colours of which I can't recall accurately, but something makes me think that possibly they were of a blue or purple-ish hue), resting at the foot of their bed as they slept; then knowing that they were sound asleep, I was off... out to 'play', as per usual, with 'the others'.

The bottom line is this... we are all pure energy in differing levels of atomic/molecular vibration, but the million dollar question is what happens after the corporeal brain dies upon our passing?

Well, the evidence suggests that this is when 'the mind' completely takes charge and merges with our spirit body, departing the flesh and blood shell for good, thus surviving physical death...


What are we to make of the claims of those who have experienced an NDE, or Near Death Experience, and have met departed relatives or friends during their journey to 'the other side', and survived to tell the tale? How can it be, if we all become these spherical masses of energy after we die, (as I am suggesting), that NDE'rs witness human-like figures?

One avenue of thought is this; perhaps they were experiencing visions or astral presentations of how we might expect a spirit person to appear; these may be projected mainly for purposes of identification, reassurance and comfort.


Once, I also experienced an NDE, (which is a long story that I won't enter into fully here), and I should have died, but returned instead to tell the tale.

Briefly, when I was 19 years old I very nearly died and was escorted by a spirit into the afterlife; we landed up at a kind of 'reception centre', where I was shown this comforting vision of people, (but who were all strangers to me).

Oddly enough, I don't recall them having legs and arms... which to be honest, I might not have noticed at the time because I was too busy concentrating on their most unearthly faces.

These were supposed to be humans, (and were almost human in appearance), but their faces were unnerving and very photographic-looking, all with identical, (what I would describe as) sickly sweet, insipid expressions... extremely false looking.

I didn't care for this at all and I asked to 'go back'; the 'beings' replied to me without moving their lips, saying "it's time for you to return," at which point I shot back into my earthly body.


I was left paralyzed for three hours in my bed, completely unable to move, but when I did manage to stand, I had the fright of my life when I looked in the bathroom mirror; this 19 year old lad with a full head of thick wavy brown hair, now had a large, (and rather unsightly), white patch at the front, undoubtedly from the shock of my ordeal.

When I went into work next day one of my workmates commented, "what happened to your hair Ken, did you see a ghost or something?" Others just stared at me in disbelief: Little did they know where I had been.

So, did this experience make me change my mind about how we are when we die? No, not at all; I still strongly suspect from everything that I went through and saw, that when one passes over, (to wherever that might be in this 'house of many mansions' or dimensions?), spherical masses of spirit energy are most likely the norm.

Click these words to take a look at a genuine, rare and very interesting video: Warning - this might be somewhat distressing for some to watch as it shows a mouse being caught in a spring trap, (don't worry, it's not messy); it takes less than a minute for the poor creature to die - but at about 42 seconds, what appears to be the Life-Force or Spirit of the mouse is seen to rise from it's head area; granted, the spirit-like form in this case is not entirely spherical, (it is actually more of an oblong trail if anything), bearing in mind that what we are seeing is the earliest stage of separation from the physical ...but I think that in essence, this capture does illustrate what I am trying to convey regarding the spirit counterpart which resides within each of us, and all living things.

Can I give a cast iron guarantee that all of what I am claiming is correct? of course not, no one can be 100% sure about such things; all I have done here is to offer my own understanding and familiarity with the subject.

Anyway, that's it for now, and I certainly would love to hear from any readers about their thoughts on this topic; anyone else who may also remember having, (or perhaps still have), such extra-bodily spiritual happenings as mine.


Kenneth John Parsons