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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

28.09.09: UFO/Bovine Event, Overton, Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK 

Image above is simply a single frame from video, put into negative mode for ease of viewing: Notice two objects dangling further down below the light.

Here is the basic, raw footage.

Here is a comprehensive documentary about the case.

A daytime inspection has shown us that the recorded unknown aerial object is definitely not a streetlamp, as many people have claimed; there are no streetlamps in the distance, only fields and trees;
and to prove it ...we invite you to click these words and watch a short video where we filmed the same viewing point in daylight.

The clincher is at the top of this page; it is simply a single frame from Derek's video, shown in negative mode; we think it reveals not 1, but possibly 2 animals suspended in mid-air ! ...and as you will soon see, two dead cows were reported as being found in the field below where this event took place, very next day.


This amazing piece of footage was shot at night above Overton, (overlooking nearby Laverstoke), Basingstoke, Hampshire, United Kingdom 28/09/09.

From his lounge window, witness Derek Bridges saw a strange light form aloft over a local farm field at Laverstoke; upon noticing this oddity, he rushed to grab his handy-cam in the bedroom and began filming the episode as soon as he could from his window there, whilst standing in the dark.

Apart from the little crescent of houses that you can see at the beginning of the film, and some residential roads to the left of where he lives, Overton and Laverstoke are quite rural, and comprised of a huge farming complex with bison, cows, horses and sheep.

The area that Derek overlooks is usually pitch-black at night, as there are no street lamps out there, just fields; so to see it suddenly lit-up was most unusual indeed, and this is what initially caught his attention.

At first, he wasn't sure exactly what he was zooming-in on with his camera ...just a strange light over the farm he thought, but he realized after a while that this light was actually a glowing, hovering object of some sort.

Upon later examination, whilst playing back his film through a TV, he noticed what appeared to be something hanging from the aerial light. Then during his review, he realized that the dangling 'thing' underneath was actually moving; it looked like an animal! (or possibly even 2), with legs kicking:

Lastly on the video, the 'animal' suddenly vanishes from sight, closely followed by the disappearance of the light in the sky, which just blinks out.

Derek had heard no noise coming from the aerial object, yet a strange 'trilling' *sound is audible on the resulting video, similar to that which is sometimes heard inside of crop circles. (*an identical audio phenomenon was witnessed in conjunction with a May, 2010, UFO sighting in the US.)

Eyewitness reports for the next day after Derek's sighting, stated that there was quite a bit of helicopter activity over this area, 'as if they were searching for something'.

The farmland over which this was filmed contains water buffalo, one of the largest herds in the UK.

There are no street lamps or pylons in or near these fields ...usually the scene at night there is one of total darkness.

This footage is absolutely genuine, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with CGI.

The witness is nearly 70 years old, doesn't own a PC and has little knowledge about computers ...and neither does he WANT to know anything about them!

BEAMS needed a bit more information about the land where this all happened, so we began researching.

It turns out that the network of fields there are owned by former F1 racing driver Jody Scheckter: He runs an organic farm called Laverstoke Park, on which are kept the 'largest herd' of water buffalo in the UK, among many other animals.

We contacted the farm today, (20/10/09), to find out if any of their stock was missing, firstly at 11.50 am, when they said that they would get back to us; but after waiting an hour and no call from them, we persisted and phoned them back again, asking to speak to Mr Sheckter's PA... and we were successful!

We explained the situation, saying that "this might sound a bit strange but we have in our possession, recent footage taken by a witness in Overton, of an unidentified aerial object hovering above Mr Scheckter's farmland; what is more, apparently, it seems to be either pulling an animal up to the object, or lowering it down" etc, etc, (fully expecting to hear a loud burst of laughter at the other end), but no, on the contrary, we found the PA to be quite helpful and understanding... much to our amazement!

He didn't sound at all surprised ...and informed us that indeed, they had two 'cow' deaths at their farm on the 29th, (discovered 24 hrs. after the UFO incident); the animals had been discovered in one of their fields by the herdsman, at the very location which Derek had been watching over, but he could not be more specific regarding circumstances. Also, the PA said that he would examine our BEAMS site and the alleged abduction footage.

Since then, Jody Scheckter - insists "no cattle have gone missing."

Boss Sara Whittall added: "We have never seen any aliens or UFOs around here.

"All our animals have been accounted for and we have not had any abductions."

Yes, yes, Jody and Sara, but who said anything about "missing" cattle? those are your words not ours: Two such animals were found d*e*a*d on your farm next day, simple as - we've had that confirmed; oh dear, someone is not giving us the full facts; you see, it is all in the wording of their denials; while they're not exactly lying - they're not exactly telling the truth either!

The BEAMS team have spent months on this case, walking/surveying these fields extensively, and interviewing the witness at great length: The American UFO and animal mutilations authority, Linda Moulton Howe has also quizzed Derek, and had his video expertly examined/authenticated, before carrying his story on her popular Earth Files site.

Latest Analysis of Overton UFO

Ken Parsons
(BEAMS Chairman)

Please click these words to take a look at an incredibly similar piece of footage from another witness, which was captured at Aldershot, Hants, UK in 2012: [A location which is just 20 miles away from Overton as the crow flies].

Observe what happens around 1:07 before making any judgment - something, (a 3rd, darker object), seems to travel in front of the main light.

Also note the 'flipping' of one of the objects at about 0:30, (that is the object situated at an angle below the main UFO, to the left), how it suddenly moves from being in a horizontal position, to a vertical position - just as with the Overton video, although on opposite sides.


Also: Please click these words to see a similar case report from Argentina.

Analysis here: