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Why is the 2005 Vatican UFO Video a Threat?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Following on from my recent post on the reasons for the Vatican's recent admission about aliens I have searched the net high and low to locate the original video of the UFO (pictured above) that appeared over the Vatican in 05' when the Pope died. Although this was aired on live TV back in 2005, it has now disappeared from YouTube & Google video and the best I can now find is the above photo of the event. In fact, all videos of the event have been completely removed from the internet with links to it from YouTube, Google & live video coming back as deleted or missing. You have to wonder what is going on here - is this video simply too sensitive for us to see? If you guys know where I can get the video please reply to this post.

I did manage to find a testimony of the event:

The light pictured (above) appeared over St. Peter's Basilica. It was 6:03 a.m. Italian time on the morning of April 8, 2005, 6 hours before Pope John Paul II's funeral. An reader writes, "I watched this as it happened live on TV. It was awesome and just a little chilling. I feel that this event (sign) is if great significance."

The object appeared on a network feed camera. It passed quickly in a diagonal trajectory and has been dismissed by the meteorologist at WISH-TV in Indianapolis, where the image was noticed and the frame grabbed, as a bird. However, our reader, who saw the video itself and not just a frame grab, comments, "If the weather people at WISH had taken the time to actually view the video footage itself, instead of looking only at a single still, they would never have made such a ridiculous observation that it might have been just a bird. It's THAT dramatic."

Night video is notoriously deceptive and difficult to analyze, and there is no way to be certain that this is an anomalous object, but numerous viewers who called our attention to it claim that it appeared much larger than a bird, and to have an internal light source. It moved very quickly, with a swift gliding motion. No other similar objects appear on the tape.

I also stumbled upon the photo below; does anyone know anything about it or have the link to it? not sure if its genuine?. It was meant to be a triangle UFO seen over the inauguration of the new Pope: