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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

Captured December 03, 2017
Above: Original screenshot 1 taken from case video

UFOs or Crypto Creatures in Video of Recently Laid Jet Trail, Scarborough, N.Yorks, UK

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I am still going through the videos taken on 3 December, South Bay, Scarborough of jets and jet trails. This rather slow object appeared.

Seen gliding parallel and above jet trail recently laid. There were quite a few jets laying trails, and some intersected those laid by others. These jets appeared to be thousands of feet up, not low-flying military craft but I can't be sure that the object, although it appears above the jet trail is in actual spatial terms, above it. I rather doubt it can be thousands of feet up.

My initial impressions of this thing attached is that it was a crypto-creature, rather than a craft type. But near to the end of its appearance, it was as if lights went on inside it; and the attached is that frame detail.

There have been other curious objects in the videos, such as this next example where two objects together appear to "work" in tandem, and like the first picture, they intermittently light up inside, appearing to have openings where this internal light escapes. These appear to tilt towards the jet trail in an investigative-like manner.

They also appear in several frames to periodically eject some sort of fluid into the trail, or these flows of what looks like fluid might be tentacle-like appendages.

Twin objects
Above: Original cropped screenshot 2 taken from case video; please click to enlarge

Above: Original cropped screenshot 3 taken from case video; please click to enlarge

Above: Original cropped screenshot 4 taken from case video; please click to enlarge

The video is 6 minutes 50 seconds, taken at eighteen minutes past four.

Camera settings for the photo (543) taken before it:
With Fujifilm Finepix S9900W
Telephoto was used with a Manfrotto tripod.
Colour representation: SRGB
F-stop: F/6.5
Exposure programme: Shutter priority
Shutter speed: 1/320 second
ISO: 400, auto
Focal length: 130 mm
Maximum aperture 3.36
Metering: Average
Sharpness: normal
White Balance: auto

Stephen Gamble

BEAMS comment: If these are aerial crypto creatures, then one can't rule out some kind of reproductive activity.

The hot, humid exhaust from jet engines, (carbon dioxide, oxides of sulfur and nitrogen, unburned fuel, soot and metal particles, as well as water vapor) when mixed with the atmosphere might provide the ideal (spawning?) conditions for, some kind of unacknowledged (airborne?) (temporary?) lifeform.

They could be rather like amoeboids, a type of cell or organism which has the ability to alter its shape, primarily by extending and retracting pseudopods.