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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

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Most cases shown below have been analyzed/investigated and assessed as 'unsolved'; all listings are subject to review, re-examination, data revision or deletion, as and when fresh evidence emerges.

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Page 1: The Best of British UFO Reports Archived in Chronological Order >>>Arch P2

31/12/2015 - Daylight Unidentified (Not Lantern/Firework) Photo Over North Devon, UK 
09/12/2015 - Seemingly Intelligent Sphere Captured in Home: Midlothian, Scotland, UK
27/11/2015 - 120ft Grey Silver Coloured Sphere or Disc Seen Over Manchester, UK
19/11/2015 - New/Old/Ongoing Case 'The Black Disc', Belfast, UK
15/11/2015 - Report: Circular Spinning Object Observed Over Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
08/11/2015 - Report: UFO Follows Car For 2 Mins - Southbound M6 Penrith, Cumbria, UK
26/10/2015 - Recently 'Found' Photo (Dated 13/10/2015 ), UFO Over Train Station, UK
24/10/2015 - New Witness Comes Forward Re Liverpool 24/10/2015 Case, Liverpool, UK  
24/10/2015 - Aqua Blue, Humming Object Over Liverpool and Brighton, Same Night, UK
23/10/2015 - Huge Spinning UFO Seen - Many Witnesses Vale View, Nuneaton, Warks, UK 
22/10/2015 - Report: Bizarre Craft Seen Hovering Over GCHQ, Cheltenham, Glos, UK
08/10/2015 - Accidental Capture of Truly Gigantic Rod-Type UFO Towards Edinburgh, UK
08/10/2015 - Report: Jellyfish-Like UFO Seen Over Mansfield, Notts, UK
29/09/2015 - Flying Triangle Inadvertently Photographed (Day) Portsmouth, Hants, UK
27/09/2015 - Unusual Lights Seen From Old Winchester Hill Fort, Winchester, Hants, UK 
27/09/2015 - UFO Report: Black, Square-Shaped Object Seen Over Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK
24/09/2015 - UFO Bizaare Motions Rec by Ind Witnesses, (Diff Areas), London, Essex, UK
07/09/2015 - Highly Unusual Craft Observed Hovering/Landing, Farnborough, Hants, UK
07/09/2015 - Report: Rocket-Like Object Seen Over Smethwick, West Midlands, UK
06/09/2015 - New/Old News: Archive Discovery Rendlesham UFO Photos, Suffolk, UK
00/09/2015 - Adamski-Type Craft Recorded Over Caernarfon Castle Gwynedd, Wales, UK
00/09/2015 - Report: Ryanair Plane Aborts Landing 'Unidentified' Seen in Sky: Liverpool, UK
25/08/2015 - Daylight Video, Unidentified Aerial Objects Over Midlothian, Scotland, UK
24/08/2015 - Report: 5 Black UFOs Observed Over Bury, Greater Manchester, UK
21/08/2015 - 136 Images of Morphing Daylight Unknown Aerial Object - Ilford, Essex, UK
17/08/2015 - Report: S-Shaped Luminous Aerial Craft Seen Over Hornby, Lancashire, UK
17/08/2015 - Report: Shape-Shifting Unidentified Seen Above Leatherhead, Surrey, UK
15/08/2015 - Fast Moving UFO Captured at Air Display, Shoreham, West Sussex, UK
14/08/2015 - Cylinder Shaped UFO Photographed Hovering Over Fareham, Hants, UK 
06/08/2015 - Bright Saucer-Type UFO Captured on Camera Over Bristol, UK
05/08/2015 - Daytime UFO With Police Helicopter Hovering Nearby, Bexley, London, UK 
05/08/2015 - Curious UFO Snapped During a Rainbow, Surrey, UK
03/08/2015 - Report: Pensioner to Sell Her Home After Visit by Aliens, Luton, Herts, UK 
03/08/2015 - Late Report: UFO Snapped Hungerford + Seen Lambourn, Berkshire, UK 
02/08/2015 - Strange Image Captured Over National Trust Estate, Northumberland, UK 
29/07/2015 - UFOs Over Manchester? - Strange Aerial Lightforms Captured on Camera, UK
28/07/2015 - Invisible to Eye Daylight Triangle UFO Chew Valley Lake near Bristol, UK
24/07/2015 - Flying Saucer? Photographed Close to Magdalen Hill, Winchester, Hants, UK
19/07/2015 - Interesting UFO Captured on Camera Still Image Above Haverhill, Suffolk, UK  
10/07/2015 - Really Puzzling Object Snapped on Ancient Burial Site, Petersfield, Hants, UK 

07/07/2015 - Mysterious Floating Object? Captured on Summit of Snowdon, Wales, UK
05/07/2015 - Astonishing, Genuine Footage of Flying Disc Captured Over London, UK
02/07/2015 - Alien Implant Discovery: Man Abducted Northampton 1974 - New Interview  
29/06/2015 - Clear Shot of a Flying Plasma Sphere Over Walton on Thames, Surrey, UK

29/06/2015 - British Taxi Driver Videotapes UFO Over Aigburth, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
27/06/2015 - Daylight UFO Disc Photographed Near Bridlington, Yorkshire, UK 
24/06/2015 - Excellent Video: UFO Releases Huge Trail Over North Belfast, N. Ireland, UK
03/06/2015 - V-Shaped Object Captured Flying High Above Anglesey, Wales, UK
24/05/2015 - Bright Unidentified Globe Videoed Looking South Over C. London, UK 
23/05/2015 - Mystery Aerial Object Photographed Over Bishops Cannings, Wiltshire, UK  
23/05/2015 - Two UFOs Seen Over Barry Island, Near Cardiff, Wales, UK (Witness Drawing)

21/05/2015 - Large Sphere Captured Moving Over Farmland, Near Winchester, Hants, UK  
17/05/2015 - School on Fire, UFO Appears Out of Nowhere, Bonnyrigg, Scotland, UK
26/04/2015 - Daytime, Structured Unidentified Passing Over Ashford, Middlesex, UK
21/04/2015 - Daylight: Large Mystery Object Photographed in Sky Peterborough, UK
14/04/2015 - Daylight UFO Captured at Cradle Hill, Warminster, Wilts, UK 
00/04/2015 - Unidentified Flying Object Over Southampton, Hants, UK
09/04/2015 - Astronomer Observes Black Triangles Twice Over Montgomeryshire, Wales, UK
05/04/2015 - Aerial Disc Captured (Day) Vicinity of 'Intech', Winchester, Hants, UK
05/04/2015 - Airline Passenger Films UFO From Flight Over Liverpool, UK  
31/03/2015 - Interesting Daytime Red/Silver Sphere UFO Romford, East London, UK
20/03/2015 - 4 Daylight UFOs Pursued by MoD Helicopter, Bolton, Lancs, UK
11/03/2015 - Rod-Like UFO Captured on The Ten O 'Clock News ITV - UK
06/03/2015 - Puzzling Structured UFO Above Rainford, Merseyside, UK
05/03/2015 - UFO Light Phenomenon - Aberystwyth, Wales, UK
05/03/2015 - Late News: Shining/Pulsating UFO Going Into Cloud, Bushey, Herts, UK
19/02/2015 - Late News: (2011) Dark F/Saucer Form in Cloud, Reading, Berks, UK
15/02/2015 - Accidental Catch Puzzling Unknown Object (Saucer Craft?), Yorks Moors, UK
08/02/2015 - UFO Crosses Above Family + 1 Other Case Leeds, Yorkshire, UK
07/02/2015 - Zigzagging Object Recorded Above Bradford, West Yorks, UK
06/02/2015 - Mystery Round Cluster in Daylight Sky, Kilmarnock, E. Ayrshire, Scotland, UK
03/02/2015 - UFOs Hover Over House, Witnessed by Police Officer, Barwell, Leic, UK
29/01/2015 - Flying Saucer? (Daylight Capture) Over Manchester, UK
25/01/2015 - Real Video? Chopper Chasing UFO Lights Over Rendlesham Suffolk, UK

20/01/2015 - Morphing UFO Over Watford, Herts, UK
17/01/2015 - Dark Disc Seen in Domed Cloud, During Flight London to Dublin, UK
00/01/2015 - Unusual Aerial UFO/Object Event Captured Over The UK
12/01/2015 - Man Videoed Domed UFO Over Tynemouth, NE, UK
10/01/2015 - Flying Disc Photographed Over Grimescar Woods, Huddersfield, West Yorks
08/01/2015 - UFOs Spotted Over Swanley and Bexleyheath, Kent, UK 
00/00/2015 - Report: Alien/Poltergeist-Type Happenings in House, Swindon, Wilts, UK
00/00/2015 - Report: Strange Object Observed 12:30am Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK
31/12/2014 - Late News Just In (09/12/14), Amazing UFO Video, Burwell, Cambs, UK
24/12/2014 - Report: Fireman and Others See Huge Black Triangle Over Worcester, UK
24/12/2014 - What Was The UFO Seen on Christmas Eve Over Derby, UK?
21/12/2014 - Monster Daylight Aerial Object Spotted Over Culdrose, Cornwall, UK  
21/12/2014 - Update Nov 30th, Welsh Vid: Analysis Reveals Classic F/Saucer! 
30/11/2014 - Cool, Daylight UFO Video Catch, South Wales, UK
25/11/2014 - Good Daylight Capture, UFO Over Shilpley, W.Yorkshire, UK
25/11/2014 - Strange Object, Daylight Catch, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, UK
24/11/2014 - Large Aerial Object Videoed Over Gifford, Scotland, UK
14/11/2014 - Mum Captures UFO On Video, Liverpool, UK
10/11/2014 - Daylight UFO Over Aerodrome, Liverpool, Lancs, UK
08/11/2014 - BBC News: Good UFO Footage Walton on Naze, Essex, UK
07/11/2014 - Flying Saucer-Shaped Object Captured Above Manchester, UK
31/10/2014 - Amazing Spinning UFO Captured: Great Footage - London, UK
26/10/2014 - Best IR Video Proof So Far? Flying Disc Close-Up, Midlothian, Scotland, UK
15/10/2014 - UFO/Orb Formation Daylight, Swansea, Wales, UK - Short Video
14/10/2014 - Late News. (June 10, 2014), Witness Sees/Captures FT South Wales, UK
12/10/2014 - UFO/Saucer Witnessed by Hundreds at Probe Conference, Blackpool, UK
10/10/2014 - More Late News, (22/09/2014), Mutilator UFO? Kington, Herefordshire, UK
10/10/2014 - Late News Just In, (25/07/14) Day Abduction Craft, N Abbot, Devon, UK
10/10/2014 - Young Boy Captures Aerial Rod/Cigar UFO in Daylight, Hampton, Surrey, UK
03/10/2014 - Report: Triangular UFO Seen Over Swindon, Wilts, UK
02/10/2014 - Another Warminster 'Thing'? - Warminster, Wiltshire, UK
02/10/2014 - Late News Just In, (June 2014), Cigar With Orbs Inside, N.London, UK 
20/09/2014 - Report: Researcher Sighting of UFOs St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex, UK
21/09/2014 - Aerial Disc Near Plane Photographed High Over Cheddar Gorge, UK
19/09/2014 - Report: Black, Rectangular UFO Formation, Farnborough, Hants, UK
18/09/2014 - Airline Passenger Records UFOs From Plane Over Cardiff, Wales, UK
16/09/2014 - Report: Black Object With a White Light In Centre: Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK
28/08/2014 - Absolutely Stunning Images Craft At Night: Best So Far: Bedford, Beds, UK
27/08/2014 - Late News Just In (28/07/14), Day Sky Snake-Type UFO, Sunderland, UK
23/08/2014 - Strange Object Captured During Skywatch, Warminster, UK
17/08/2014 - Late News: Flying Disc Photographed Daylight Eastcote, London, UK
15/08/2014 - Astounding Daylight Silver Craft Over Colwyn Bay, Wales, UK
31/07/2014 - Huge Adamski Disc-Type Craft Seen in Cloud, Belfast, NI Ireland, UK
25/07/2014 - Aerial Cloaked Triangle Exposed + Rods Orbs Spheres, Belfast, UK
24/07/2014 - Saucer Photographed + Crop Circle Vid Charlton Park, Wiltshire, UK
24/07/2014 - Silver Pyramid Structure/Tri Seen Broughton Gifford, Melksham, Wiltshire, UK 
22/07/2014 - Military Copter' UFO Intervention Over Adam's Grave, Wiltshire, UK
19/07/2014 - Late News - (From 26/01/14) Night CCTV Footage UFO/Para, Real? UK?
16/07/2014 - Oval-Shaped UFO Captured Over Slough, Berks, UK
03/07/2014 - Wondrous Daylight UFO Snapped Over Ilford, Essex, UK
20/06/2014 - Anomalous Light Sources Caught Camcorder/NV Wigan, G. Manchester, UK
17/06/2014 - Strange Objects Videoed Over Midlothian, Scotland, UK
14/06/2014 - 2 Witnesses Capture Alien? Energy' Form, Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, UK
14/06/2014 - Daylight Orbs Capture Re-Discovered, Cley Hill, Warminster, Wilts, UK
12/06/2014 - Daylight Anom Sphere on Photo, Wittering, West Sussex, UK
07/06/2014 - Black Disc-Shaped Object Moving Erratically, Brighton, East Sussex, UK  
05/06/2014 - Puzzling Daytime Aerial Object Captured Over Ilford, Essex, UK 
01/06/2014 - Very Strange Triangular UFO Seen in Daylight Over Farnborough, Hants, UK
15/05/2014 - Flying Saucer-Shaped UFO Above Newton Abbot, Devon, UK
25/05/2014 - UFO Captured From Passenger Plane Window, London, UK
25/04/2014 - Triangular UFO Seen by Witnesses, Portreath, Cornwall, UK
24/04/2014 - UFO Images Captured Over Pontypool, Torfaen, Wales, UK
13/04/2014 - Strange Spinning Unidentified Over Midlothian, Scotland, UK
04/04/2014 - Report: Mystery Flying Triangle Seen Over Farnborough, UK
24/03/2014 - A Saucer-Shaped UFO Observed Above Bromley Kent, UK
24/03/2014 - Flying Saucer-Like Object Seen Over Guernsey, UK
21/03/2014 - Rod/Orb Phenomena Captured Blackpool Tower/Seafront, Lancs, UK
07/03/2014 - Possible Saucer-Like Craft Witnessed Over Broxted, Essex, UK
05/03/2014 - Daylight UFO Sighting High Above Goldington, Bedford, Beds, UK
00/03/2014 - Report: Blue Cigar UFO Over Woman's Home at Night, Stratford on Avon, UK
20/02/2014 - Report: Daylight Spinning Disc Seen Over Bedford, Beds, UK
03/02/2014 - UFO Video From Carlow, Ireland, UK
27/01/2014 - Cloud Illuminating, Bright Red UFO Lights Over Toddington, Bedfordshire, UK
13/01/2014 - Large, Bright UFO Captured Whilst Videoing The Moon, Herts, UK
12/01/2014 - V-Shape or Triangle Seen Over Southampton, Hants, UK  
12/01/2014 - Formation of Shimmering Orbs, Harrow, London, UK

04/01/2014 - Unexplained Phenomena, Walsall Wood, West Midlands, UK
00/00/2014 - Saucer Shaped UFO Over Southend on Sea, Essex, UK  
00/00/2014 - Daylight Fleet of Unidentified Aerial Spheres Over Portsmouth, Hants, UK 

00/00/2014 - Report: Large, Black, Silent Triangular Craft Over Telford, Shropshire, UK
31/12/2013 - Impressive UFO Caught on CCTV Over Poole, Dorset, UK
30/12/2013 - Group of People Witness and Photograph UFO, Carlisle, UK 
18/12/2013 - Daylight UFO Photographed Over Barnoldswick, Pendle, Lancs, UK  
10/12/2013 - Very Unusual, Large, Bright Spheres Recorded Over Birmingham, UK
01/12/2013 - Report: Circle of Lights High Above Hawley Lake, Farnborough, Hants, UK
00/12/2013 - Daylight UFO Captured on Live Web Cam Over Abergavenny, Wales, UK  
23/11/2013 - V.Nice, Clear, Daylight UFO, Interesting Case, North Devon, UK
23/10/2013 - Huge Sphere Followed by Tri-Coloured 'Batwing' UFO, Kings Lynn, UK
23/10/2013 - Triangular UFO Photographed Over Garston, Watford, UK
22/10/2013 - FT-Type UFO Captured In Lightning/Pouring Rain! Middlesborough, UK 
20/10/2013 - 2 Daylight UFO's, One of Which is a Disc, Kingswear, Devon, UK  
18/10/2013 - Report: Miniature UFO Appearance in Bedroom: Christchurch, Dorset, UK
18/10/2013 - Large Silver Disc Observed in Daylight, Conway (Conwy) Wales, UK
14/10/2013 - Huge UFO Orb in Sky Above Derby, UK
14/10/2013 - 2 Aerial Discs Clearly Captured Newquay, Cornwall, UK  
06/10/2013 - Daylight 'Flying Saucer' Photographed Shipley, Bradford, West Yorkshire, UK
06/10/2013 - Very Unusual Flying Objects Seen Daylight, Corby, Northants, UK
05/10/2013 - Green Disc UFO Seen 'Floating' Over Whiteshill, Stroud, Gloucester, UK
01/10/2013 - Another Daylight UFO Over Derby, UK
00/10/2013 - Clear Footage, Fast Moving, Daylight UFO Above Dublin, Ireland, UK
29/09/2013 - Surprising, Multicoloured UFO Caught on Camera, Keswick, Cumbria, UK
07/09/2013 - Flying Saucer Reflecting The Sun While Passing Over Derby, UK
01/09/2013 - Daylight UFO Over Coventry, West Midlands, UK
17/08/2013 - Crazy Blue UFO Antics in UK Airspace - Must See! - United Kingdom
16/08/2013 - Lucky Daylight UFO Catch, Northumberland, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
15/08/2013 - Alien Being Encounter - Clifton Park, Rotherham, South Yorkshire, UK
12/08/2013 - Large, Bright Saucer/Sphere-Shaped UFO, Multiple Witnesses, Derby, UK
10/08/2013 - Neat Flying Saucer Image - Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, UK
09/08/2013 - Report: Flying Disc Seen By Many Witnesses, Walsall, W.Midlands, UK
06/08/2013 - Unidentified Object Videoed Across Sky From W. Farnborough, Hants, UK
00/08/2013 - Massive, Glowing, UFO Videoed Over North West of UK
29/07/2013 - Impressive! Daylight Video Footage of Unidentified Object Over Derby UK
29/07/2013 - UFO Planet Witness Interview/Footage UFO, Derby UK
28/07/2013 - Tri-Formation UFO Captured - Isle of Wight, UK
26/07/2013 - Really Odd - Red UFO Photographed in Daylight Over Bridgend, Wales, UK
21/07/2013 - Colourful UFO Photographed Above East Hull, UK
19/07/2013 - More Real Images: Daylight Flying Disc Snapped at Stonehenge, Wilts, UK
15/07/2013 - Clear, Daylight Image of Very Unusual Aerial Object, Herts, UK
13/07/2013 - Family See UFO Over Nature Reserve Near Chichester, West Sussex, UK  
11/07/2013 - Daylight: Glowing Saucer-Shape Over Blackburn, Lancs, UK
09/07/2013 - Daylight UFO Formation or Flares? Videoed Near Avebury/Silbury Hill, UK
05/07/2013 - Weird UFO Light Phenomena Seen/Photo, Bedford, Beds, UK
01/07/2013 - Bullet-Like Object Captured Over Caversham, Reading, UK
24/06/2013 - Daylight UFO Videoed Over Derby, UK
24/06/2013 - UFOs - Are a Serious Threat: Says Authority Tim Good
10/06/2013 - UFOs Hover Above Bracknell/Basingstoke, Hants, UK  
09/06/2013 - Green, Vertical 'Mechanical' Tube UFO - Teignmouth, Devon, UK
04/06/2013 - Weird, Creeping UFO 3:45am, Hull, UK
02/06/2013 - Possible Flying Saucer Close Encounter, Birmingham, UK
28/05/2013 - Dancing Orb Formation Over Garden, Farnborough, Hants, UK
23/05/2013 - Erratic UFO Over Belfast, Ireland, UK
00/05/2013 - Real, Daylight, Substantial UFO Powering Across Sky (Area?) UK
00/05/2013 - Anon Sub: Complete Mystery Craft, Somewhere Over UK
12/05/2013 - Puzzling, Tri-Coloured UFO Hovering Over Hull, UK
08/05/2013 - Beautiful, Daylight, Morphing UFO Videoed Over London, W12, UK
01/05/2013 - Round, Black, UFO Seen Over North Warwickshire, UK
28/04/2013 - Odd Aerial Form, Gurkha Resources, Wren Way, Farnborough, Hants, UK
27/04/2013 - UFO Dropping Orbs Over Crop Field: Daylight Video, Wales, UK
19/04/2013 - Claimed Alien Abduction by Silver Disc/Craft, Swansea, Wales, UK
14/04/2013 - UFO Videoed Over Belfast Hospital: Ireland, UK
06/04/2013 - Dark, Silent, Triangle Seen by 2 Witnesses, Gliding Over Hull, UK
05/04/2013 - Near-Miss UFO & Plane, Clear Daylight Video, Birmingham, UK
05/04/2013 - Curious Orbs, Various Sizes, Caught on IR Over Midlothian, Scotland
03/04/2013 - Spirit or Spacecraft? Must See This Short Video of a UFO Over Derby, UK
03/04/2013 - Round, Silver, Unidentified Flying Metallic Objects, Retford, Notts, UK
30/03/2013 - Extremely Interesting UFO Video, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, UK
18/03/2013 - Silent, Black, Triangular Craft, Sauchenford, Stirling, Scotland, UK
05/03/2013 - Unusual, Spinning UFO Video, Daytime, Belfast, Ireland, UK
14/02/2013 - Very Weird Light Phenomena Rugeley, Staffordshire, United Kingdom
02/02/2013 - Hovering Saucer UFO Videoed Wakefield, Yorks, UK
01/02/2013 - Blue UFO Lights Over Berwick, Berwickshire, UK
00/02/2013 - Clear Daylight Video: Giant Cigar UFO Over Denton, Manchester, UK
24/01/2013 - Early Morn (6:55am), UFO Light Phenomena, Farnborough Hants, UK
17/01/2013 - Eye-Catching Display of Orbs Over Newark, Nottingham, UK
08/01/2013 - Unidentified Objects Videoed Over Midlothian, Scotland, UK
00/01/2013 - Gulf Breeze-Type UFO Clearly Videoed Over Lands End, Cornwall, UK
02/12/2012 - Official: Another Near-Miss Between UFO and Jet: Glasgow, UK
30/11/2012 - Two Triangular UFOs (Possibly Cryptids) Captured Over The Isle of Man, UK
24/11/2012 - Clear Video: Mystery Flying Object, Perthshire, Scotland, UK
08/11/2012 - Oval Flying Machine Seen by 2 Witnesses, Stevenage, UK
18/10/2012 - 5 Hrs + of Hovering Lights Formation, (Saucer?), Aberdeenshire, UK 
15/09/2012 - Incredible Triangle Formation of Coloured Orbs, Crawley, Sussex, UK
08/09/2012 - Flying Man-Type UFO Over Aldershot, Hants, UK: Daylight
00/09/2012 - Terrifying UFO Vessels in Sky Vision, Boston, Lincs, UK
00/09/2012 - Large Daylight UFO Captured Silbury Hill, Near Avebury, Wilts, UK
18/08/2012 - Black Unidentified Aerial Object: Daylight Photo, Huntingdon, UK

14/08/2012 - Disc or Saucer Seen By Couple Over Chichester, W.Sussex, UK
01/08/2012 - Incontestable: Clear, Daylight, Shape-Changing UFO - Somewhere in the UK
28/07/2012 - Clear - Mystery Flying Triangle With Red Lights at Night Over Bristol, UK 
14/07/2012 - Superb, Daylight Video, Large, Silent UFO, Bedford, Beds, UK
08/06/2012 - Genuine Video of Something Unidentified Flying Over Havant, Hants, UK
05/06/2012 - Unidentified Triangular Light Formation, Nottingham, UK
01/06/2012 - Ufologist Captures Large, Daylight UFO Scarisbrick, West Lancashire, UK
23/05/2012 - Flying Black Triangle UFO in Daylight: Treharris, South Wales, UK
02/05/2012 - Daylight: Fast Moving, Dart-Shaped Object Over Treharris, South Wales, UK
00/05/2012 - Fast Moving, Clear, Daylight UFO Over Hampshire, UK 
13/04/2012 - Humming, STRUCT Black Triangular UFO Craft Just 30ft Up Wrexham, Wales, UK
07/04/2012 - Nice Daylight UFO Captured Over Audenshaw, Manchester, UK
00/03/2012 - Sphere Cluster & Triangle Formation Together? Southport, Merseyside, UK
10/02/2012 - Report: Solid, Humming, Triangle UFO Seen by Astronomer: Bedford, Beds, UK
00/02/2012 - Another Saucer-Shaped UFO ...Over Aveley, Essex, UK
27/01/2012 - Grey Flying Disc With Rotating Red Light Around It's Outside: Preston, Lancs, UK
13/01/2012 - Video And Photos of 2 'Flying Saucer' Events, Chatham, Kent, UK
00/01/2012 - Amazing Saturn-Like UFO Captured in Gorebridge, Scotland, UK
00/01/2012 - Huge, Black, 'Flying Saucer' Observed, Maidstone, Kent, UK
27/12/2011 - UFO Photographed Over West Kirby, Wirral, Merseyside, UK
12/11/2011 - Report: Saucer Craft With Coloured Rectangular Lights, Felpham, W.Sussex, UK
07/10/2011 - Amazing Huge Glowing Sphere Recorded With NV: Whitesheet Hill, Wilts, UK
03/09/2011 - Weird Black F/Triangle Seen Again, Lots of Witnesses, Bedford, Beds, UK
02/09/2011 - Black FT Wedge Craft, Broad Daylight, 2 Witnesses, Bedford, Beds, UK
21/08/2011 - Daylight Disc Photographed Above Woosehill, Berkshire, UK
18/08/2011 - Flying Saucer, (3 Witnesses + Painting), Above Andover, Hampshire, UK 
03/08/2011 - BBC Man's Shock at Seeing A Flying Saucer Over Cottered, Herts, UK
09/07/2011 - Black, Humming, Circular Object, Heswall, Wirral, Merseyside, UK
03/05/2011 - Humming UFO, (Multiple Witness Event), Over Oxford, UK
02/05/2011 - Daylight 'Rod' UFO Photo, Preesall, Lancashire, UK
02/05/2011 - UFO Contrail Releases Cylinder Over Harefield, Greater London, UK
00/05/2011 - Black Aerial Mass UFO, Birkenside, Midlothian, Scotland, UK
23/04/2011 - Rod UFO and Others, Shipley, Heanor, Derbyshire, UK 
20/04/2011 - Spinning Daylight UFO Capture, Baunton, Cotsworlds, UK
10/04/2011 - VG Daylight Footage of a Flying Black Mass/Disc Unknown, UK
00/04/2011 - Pro Photographer Dennis Hardley Captures UFO - Mull, Scotland, UK   
24/03/2011 - Astonishing Daytime Video of Mystery FT, Shirley, Southampton, UK
12/02/2011 - Another Amazing UFO Sighting by Repeater Witness Putnoe, Bedford, Beds, UK
28/02/2011 - Metallic Spheres Hovering Over Portsmouth, Hants, UK
20/02/2011 - CCTV Huge Sphere UFO Activity Over Northern Ireland, UK  
09/01/2011 - Hovering UFO - Hoo, Rochester, Kent, UK
08/01/2011 - Large Red Object Over A331, Near North Town, Aldershot, Hants, UK
22/12/2010 - "Flying Saucer", Seen and Photographed Over Catrine, Scotland, UK
16/12/2010 - Daylight UFO Caught on Security Cam, Wexford Bridge, Ireland
10/12/2010 - Multi-Coloured, "Hyper-Gliding" Triangle, Godalming/Milford, Surrey, UK 
08/12/2010 - Triangle and Tubes Formation, Farnborough, Hants, UK
22/11/2010 - Silent, Triangle-Oval UFO, Farnborough, Hants, UK
06/11/2010 - UFO Fires BEAM Down to Ground, Stunning Capture, Putnoe, Bedford, UK
05/11/2010 - Structured Daylight UFO Snapped Flying Over Scarborough, UK   
00/11/2010 - Huge Rod UFO Accidentally Captured on Camera, Glastonbury, Somerset, UK
31/10/2010 - Catrine, East Ayrshire, Scotland, UK
24/10/2010 - Very Unusual Aerial Object Seen/Shot in Daylight Over Selsey, South East UK
24/10/2010 - Report of an UN-Identified Object Over Guildford, Surrey, UK
16/10/2010 - Daylight UFO Above Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, UK
10/10/2010 - Multicoloured UFO (Craft?) Videoed Over Canvey Island, Essex, UK
10/10/2010 - Daylight: Black Sphere UFO Recorded Over Newquay Airport, Cornwall, UK
06/10/2010 - Fast Moving Object Captured Close to Airliner, Gorebridge, Midlothian, UK
05/10/2010 - Black Daylight Orb Filmed Above Gorebridge, Midlothian, Scotland, UK
03/10/2010 - Report: A Series of Really Strange UFO Sightings Over Bedford, Beds, UK
03/10/2010 - Alien Gods? CCTV: Templars, Reptilian, Angel Lane, Stratford, London, UK
29/09/2010 - Cyclist Hit By UFO? Light x2 Thorndon Park, Essex, UK
17/09/2010 - Strange Lights Over London, Viewed From Alexander Palace, N. London, UK
15/09/2010 - Anomalous Aerial Activity Over Caversham, Berks, United Kingdom
03/09/2010 - Double Report: Fencehouses, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK
01/09/2010 - Ex-Military Man Sees Strange Aerial Object: Desborough, Kettering, Northants
30/08/2010 - Horizontal Flight, Tailed Orb, Caversham, Reading, Berks, United Kingdom
29/08/2010 - Rectangular Object, Caversham, Reading, Berks, United Kingdom
27/08/2010 - Caversham, Reading, Berks, United Kingdom    
21/08/2010 - Accidental Capture of Flying Saucer Object Dover Castle, Dover, Kent, UK
11/08/2010 - Orb Formation 'Chased' by Helicopters Over Aldershot, Hants
08/08/2010 - Researcher Margaret Fry and Ex-Policeman See Disc Over Abergele, N.Wales
02/08/2010 - Silver Disc Seen A48 Towards Pyle, Wales, United Kingdom
31/07/2010 - Close Enc With Spiky UFO Sphere Bristol, UK, (Sim to Livinston Enc 1979)
28/07/2010 - Flying Man in Black? Swansea, Wales, UK
22/07/2010 - UFOs at Farnborough Airshow, Farnborough, Hants, UK
18/07/2010 - UFO Photographed Over Bedford, Beds, UK
18/07/2010 - Caversham, Reading, Berks, UK
18/07/2010 - Chafford Hundred, Essex, UK
17/07/2010 - Part 1 of Report by Scientist Re: Unusual UFO Over Reading
17/07/2010 - Part 2 of Reading UFO Report + Video
13/07/2010 - Flying Saucer Seen & Photographed + X-Referenced Case, Bristol/Bolton, UK  
03/07/2010 - Extraordinary Video of UFO? Landing Near Winchester, UK
26/06/2010 - Report: Large Dark Ball With Alternating Lights Seen Over Hucknall, Notts, UK
25/06/2010 - Report: UFO Phenomena Observed Over Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK
24/06/2010 - Redhill, Surrey, UK, Amazing Unidentified Objects Captured in Daylight
16/06/2010 - Incredible Images of Structured UFO Over Reading, Berks, UK
30/05/2010 - Loughton, Essex, United Kingdom, Pilot Sighting
23/05/2010 - Reading, Berks, UK, Superb Photo and Video Evidence  
23/05/2010 - Very Interesting, Double Flying Saucer, Polesworth, Staffs, UK
21/05/2010 - Object Like a Bright Blue Moon With a Teardrop: Birmingham, UK
03/05/2010 - Unusual Beam of Light Over Wiltshire, UK, Infrared Footage
08/04/2010 - Object Over Caversham, Near Reading, Berks, UK, Photo 1
08/04/2010 - Object Over Caversham, Near Reading, Berks, UK, Photo 2
01/04/2010 - 'Upright' Triangular Craft Videoed Over Hampton Area, Surrey, UK
28/03/2010 - Silver, Spinning Ball Over South Ockendon, Essex (Multiple Witnesses)
22/03/2010-  Midhurst, West Sussex, UK, Helicopters Chasing UFO? (Yet Again!)
10/03/2010 - More UFO's Over Louth, Queen's Park, Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire, UK
07/03/2010 - Gorebridge and Edinburgh Mystery Lights, Midlothian, Scotland , UK 
07/03/2010 - Oval-Shaped UFO Light Passes Over Hackney, London, UK
01/03/2010 - Report: Red Object With Debris/Sparks (Falling) Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scot, UK
12/02/2010 - Flying Saucer Craft Seen By Engineer, Phear Park, Devon, UK
12/02/2010 - Silver Flying Saucer Photographed in Daylight, Rossendale, Lancs
26/01/2010 - Dome-Shaped UFO Seen Over Godalming, Surrey, UK
04/01/2010 - Manta Ray Craft Various Days Bradford, W.Yorkshire, United Kingdom
02/01/2010 - Another UFO Over Farnborough, Hants, United Kingdom!
00/01/2010 - Report: Circle of Light Orbs Seen in Snow, Surrey, United Kingdom
00/00/2010 - Daylight, Morphing Disc Captured on Video Over Folkestone, Kent, UK
31/12/2009 - Amazing Flying Saucer Encounter Over Broadstone, Dorset, UK (Drawn)
27/12/2009 - Report: UFO Shines Into Home 3:15am, Turvey, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
04/11/2009 - UFO Spotted by Ex-Military Man in Coggeshall, Colchester, Essex, UK
17/10/2009 - Flying Disc Above M80 Towards Glasgow, Scotland, UK
11/10/2009 - Report: Unidentified Flying Objects Formation Seen Over Chatam, Kent, UK
09/10/2009 - Actual Alien Abduction Mark Left on UK Witness
02/10/2009 - Amazing UFO Sightings Over Caversham, Reading, Berks
28/09/2009 - 1st-Ever Videoed UFO Bovine Abduction, Overton, Hants
28/09/2009 - Round UFO Like 'Dense Black Hole', (Day), Tilehurst, Berkshire, UK
27/09/2009 - Ruislip, Middlesex, United Kingdom (Domed Saucer Event!)
19/09/2009 - Major UFO Activity Case Photos, Putnoe, Bedford, Beds, UK
17/09/2009 - Bulkington, Warwickshire, UK (Rotating Circles Case - Seen By Teachers!)
17/09/2009 - Worthing, West Sussex, United Kingdom (Report From Former Aircrew Member)
29/08/2009 - Update of Near-Miss UFOs & Passenger Aircraft: Gorebridge, Midlothian, UK
22/08/2009 - Interesting Daylight Photos of a Bizarre UFO: Hythe, Kent, UK  
19/08/2009 - Is This a Wormhole? Amazing (Rediscovered) Images Over London, Surrey, UK 
05/08/2009 - Detailed Close Up Video - Spinning Sphere of Energy, Norwich, Norfolk, UK
04/08/2009 - Saucer-Shaped UFO Photographed Over Silbury Hill, Wilts, UK
00/08/2009 - Clear, Daylight Unidentified Over Huddersfield, W.Yorks, UK
00/08/2009 - Giant Unidentified Object Over Bridport, Dorset, United Kingdom  
24/07/2009 - Daylight Hovering Disc (Accidental Catch) Snowdonia, Wales, UK
22/07/2009 - UFO Photographed Over Westbury, Wilts, UK

14/07/2009 - Report: UFO Seen From Shortstown, Bedford, Beds, UK
23/06/2009 - UFO Encounter at Linby, Notinghamshire, UK  
03/06/2009 - Tadpole-Like Aerial Phenomena, Reading, Berks, United Kingdom

00/06/2009 - Huge Cross Shaped UFO - Orpington, Kent, UK
31/05/2009 - High Strangeness Over Canvey Island, Essex, United Kingdom
30/05/2009 - Plane Approaching Bournmouth Airport Being Followed by a UFO
10/05/2009 - Unusual Object Captured in Field at Rear of Intech Center, Winchester, UK

09/05/2009 - Clear Flying Saucer Snapped Near Tower Bridge, London, UK

09/05/2009 - Black Disc-Type UFO Over Bulbourne Canal, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
05/05/2009 - Stunning Pic: UFO Firing Beams to Ground, Bolton, Yorkshire, UK (Updated) 
24/04/2009 - Radiant UFO Above The Yorkshire Wolds - Good Daylight Video  
10/03/2009 - Teapot Lid Shaped Object Hovering Over Kircaldy, Fife, Scotland 
05/02/2009 - Red 'Flying Saucer' Accidentally Captured, (Day), Bournemouth, Dorset, UK
04/02/2009 - Rat in the Conisholme Affair? (Updated Comparative Footage May 2016)
00/02/2009 - National Archive Daylight Photo of a UFO Over Swansea, S.Wales, UK  
21/01/2009 - Disc Shaped UFO Seen Over Donnington, Shropshire, UK
12/01/2009 - Unexplained Phenomena in Crowthorne, Berkshire, United Kingdom 
09/01/2009 - Conisholme Associated, Aubourn and Witham St Hughes, Lincolnshire

04/01/2009 - Report: Manta Ray Craft Seen Over Bradford, Yorkshire, UK
00/00/2009 - Colourful Flying Unidentified Photographed at Racton, West Sussex, UK
00/00/2008 - Strangest UFO Ever? Caversham, Near Reading, Berks, UK
09/12/2008 - Conisholme, Lincolnshire, Important UFO Photographic Evidence
21/11/2008 - Man Snaps Truly Strange UFO - Fencehouses, Tyne and Wear, UK  
19/11/2008 - Oval Object Seen From Hawley, Hampshire Flying Towards Berkshire (Drawing of)
08/11/2008 - Triangle Over Bromley, Kent, United Kingdom
07/11/2008 - 2 Part Study of Incredible Glowing Saucer - Lambeth, London, UK  
05/11/2008 - Amazing Footage of UFO's Shooting Beam Over Bristol, United Kingdom
30/10/2008 - Daylight Silver Flying Saucer UFO Photographed Over Filton, Bristol, UK
30/10/2008 - Reappearance of Colourful UFO Nr Bedford, Amazing Photo's x 14  
22/10/2008 - Dome-Topped UFO Seen Over Uppingham, East Midlands, UK  
15/10/2008 - Triangle UFO, Brinkhill, Louth, Lincolnshire
09/10/2008 - Artist Impression About The Truth Behind Some Abduction Experiences
09/10/2008 - Aerial Oddities Captured Above Puttenham Common, Surrey, UK
08/10/2008 - UFO Abingdon, Oxfordshire, UK, With Important Associated Footage Link
08/10/2008 - Colourful UFO Photographed Nr Bedford, Beds, United Kingdom X 3
00/10/2008 - Clear Triangle UFO Photographed Over Dudley, West Midlands, UK  
13/09/2008 - Giant Flying Cylinder UFO, Caversham, Berkshire, United Kingdom  
28/08/2008 - Daylight UFO Over Tynemouth, Tyne & Wear, UK
26/08/2008 - Flying Saucer Photographed, Northwest Coventry, UK
11/08/2008 - Accidentally Captured Clear Daylight UFO Over Clanfield, Hants, UK 
09/08/2008 - Clear, Daylight UFO Photographed Over Clanfield, Hants, UK
23/07/2008 - Report: V. Odd Phenomenon: Newhaven - Looking Over The English Channel, UK

__/07/2008 - Cylinder-Shaped Object Captured on Video Camera, Brean in Somerset

08/07/2008 - An Inadvertently Snapped UFO, (Daylight), Southport, Merseyside, UK 
19/06/2008 - Flying Whale-Like UFO or Creature Over Havant, Hants, UK
06/06/2008 - Unseen Saucer-Like Object Snapped Over Great Bowden, Leicestershire, UK   
00/06/2008 - Daylight UFOs Captured Over Beulieu and Woolston, Hants, UK   
18/05/2008 - Why is The 2005 Vatican UFO Video a Threat?
06/05/2008 - Report: Mass UFO Activity, (Witnesses) Over Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, UK
00/05/2008 - Secret UFO Files on Farnborough, Hampshire, UK, Unclassified

14/04/2008 - Must See: Alien/Spirit Entities?, Waverley Abbey, Near Farnham, Surrey, UK
00/04/2008 - UFO Over Portmeirion, Gwynedd, North Wales, UK
07/02/2008 - Possible Structured UFO Craft Captured Accidentally - Portsmouth, Hants, UK 
00/01/2008 - Impressive, Huge Sphere Over Shirebrook, Mansfield, Nottingham, UK
00/00/2008 - Daylight Dark Saucer-Shape UFO Captured Lancashire, UK
00/00/2008 - UFO Over Spennymoor, Durham County, UK
00/00/2008 - Delightful, Classic Flying Saucer Photographed Over Racton, West Sussex, UK
29/12/2007 - Daylight UFO Over Kirklands, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK   
00/12/2007 - 2 Clear UFO Discs Unseen Accidentally Captured on Camera, Sussex, UK
23/11/2007 - Clear, Daylight, (Living?) UFO - Calne, Witshire, UK  
12/11/2007 - Superb Report: Flying Saucers Over Felpham, West Sussex, UK
00/10/2007 - Near Miss UFO and Passenger Jet, Portsdown Hill, Portsmouth, UK (MoD File)
26/08/2007 - Report: Phenomena Observation Bulbarrow Hill, Dorset, United Kingdom

17/08/2007 - 60 Foot Black Rod Seen Over Godalming, Surrey, United Kingdom

17/08/2007 - Abnormal Flying Objects Recorded at Eastbourne Airshow, UK
13/08/2007 - UFO Above Peacehaven, Brighton, UK
04/08/2007 - Close Encounter With UFO And Occupant Basingstoke, NE. Hampshire, UK
00/08/2007 - Daylight Flying Saucer? Over Ipley, New Forest, Hants, UK
22/07/2007 - UFOs Seen From Farnborough Hants to Guildford Surrey, UK
21/07/2007 - Formation of Objects Seen Over Farncombe, Surrey, UK

10/07/2007 - Helicopter and UFO East Field Formation, Wilts, UK

08/07/2007 - A Flying Horse Seen by 3 Witnesses: Kempston, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom
30/06/2007 - Red Saucer-Type UFO Captured on Photo Over Telford, Shropshire, UK
23/06/2007 - Witness Talks About UFO Seen Bletsoe, Bedford, Beds, UK
17/04/2007 - Mind-Blowing, Genuine Image UFO Over Rail Track, Walkford, Dorset, UK
07/04/2007 - Amazing UFO Sightings, Hogs Back, Nr Guildford, Surrey, UK

14/01/2007 - Rectangular UFO Photographed Over Corby, Northants, UK 
00/00/2007 - Clear, Daylight UFO Captured Over Margate,Thanet, East Kent, UK

__/__/2007 - Lakenheath, Brandon, Suffolk, UK, Genuine Audio of F15 Pilots

00/00/2007 - Daylight Metallic Sphere Videoed Over Pagham Harbour, West Sussex, UK
00/00/2007 - Report: Mil Man Sees FT, 2 Hrs Missing Time, Delves Lake, Doncaster, Yorks UK

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