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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

This report was submitted to BEAMS at 06:30 PM UTC - 02 September 2018

Report 1981/82: Outstanding UFO Encounter, Wigan, Lancashire, UK
***** ******
49 Spencer Road, Wigan, WN1 2QR
Before I relate my experience to you, let me state that I am perfectly willing to 
undergo any scientific tests whatsoever (hypnosis, regression, lie detection, etc.)
to establish the veracity of this experience. In fact, I would positively welcome
any assistance which could possibly shed light upon it.

While most people will probably insist that my experience is nothing more than
a dream or a false memory, this particular memory has remained unusually
sharp and clear in my mind to this day, 36 years later. In fact, this memory has
only grown in significance with time, puzzling me as to what it could possibly
have been. Nothing like it has ever happened to me since, although I would dearly
love to have this experience again..

It occurred at 49 Spencer Road, Wigan, Lancashire, WN1 2QR in the year 1981 or
1982. I would have been five or six years of age. The event took place one
evening, late at night, when everybody in the house was in bed, asleep. I was in my
own bed, sleeping, alone in my room, which was at the rear of the house on the
upper floor.

I remember suddenly being woken up by an immensely bright display of lights.

Once I was awake, I also became aware of a very deep, low, humming sound and
vibration. Utterly perplexed as to what was happening, I remember sitting up in
my bed and looking around the room. My attention was immediately drawn to
the closed curtains, because I could plainly see that the multicoloured lights were
coming from outside, in the garden, beyond the curtains. The lights, they were
shining so brightly I could see them through my closed curtains.

The colours were constantly moving and shifting, revolving and pulsating very
rapidly, in a blur and a whirl.

I remember sitting up, facing the windows, kneeling up on my duvet and drawing
open the curtains. Beneath me and to my left, in the garden below, I saw a circular
-shaped object parked stationary on the lawn of the garden, directly adjacent to
the neighbour's wooden fence, which was behind it to the left.

The stationary object was not taller than the neighbour's fence, so it could not
have been any more than six or seven feet in height. The object was significantly
wider than it was tall - at least double in width what it was in height, so perhaps
up to 15 feet wide. The object was dome-shaped and flatly conical.

Although it was difficult to make out the surface of this object due to the lights
that were constantly swarming and swirling across its surface, I feel compelled
to assert that its surface must have been silvery smooth and metallic due to the
manner in which it was so radiantly reflecting lights, like an immense, saucer-
shaped, disco ball. While I was staring down at it from my bedroom window,
the object remained absolutely motionless and appeared to be parked on the
ground. I had no impression that it was floating or levitating in the air at all.

In contrast to the object's absolute motionlessness, its light display was exactly
the opposite: a dizzying blur of kaleidoscopic lights, a dazzling swirl. The
patterns were very beautiful and quite mesmerizing.

Although the object must have been only inches away from the neighbour's
fence on the left-hand side, it did not seem to be affecting this fence in any
way (burning or scorching it), despite the fact that it was positively glowing
and throbbing with colours and light. I can remember there was no smell of
burning in or sight of smoke in the night sky. This would seem to indicate that,
whatever form of energy was powering this object, it was not causing any kind
of combustion to wooden, flammable material despite its close proximity to
wooden material.

While the object may have been some kind of vehicle, its actual purpose while I
was staring down at it seemed to be a BEACON: an intentionally conspicuous
device, purposefully designed to attract my attention by transmitting these
multicoloured lights. I realise this sounds bizarre, but it seemed as though the
object knew I was looking at it, had even deliberately engaged my attention by
intentionally waking me up with its light display. It seemed as if the light display
was being transmitted to me, solely for my benefit.

No other humans were present in this encounter, and I got the sense that no-one
else was aware that this was happening, that this was a purely private encounter.

This has puzzled me since - how on earth could no-one else have been aware of
this object and its light display, which was so incredibly bright and conspicuous
in the night sky? Why did I seem to be the only one? I cannot answer these

As I stood there watching the lights through my bedroom window, I remember
feeling very joyful, happy, warm and at peace. The lights radiated a very deep
sense of cosmic love to me. I do not remember anything more. I must have lain
back in bed and gone to sleep, possibly in a state of trance.

With speculative hindsight, it seems to me that this object was communicating
with me telepathically through its light display, delivering a message from across
the universe. It was anything but threatening or hostile. My intuition tells me, after
all these years, that these were angelic aliens: disincarnate beings of pure light
dancing before my eyes. This makes sense when we speak of enlightenment, as
being a process of literally becoming light.

I have kept quiet about this experience all my life for fear of ridicule but lately I
no longer fear such shame because the conviction that this was a genuine
encounter and not just a dream has only grown with time and age.

Very recently, I quizzed my father about this encounter. I asked him if he had
ever hosted a party in the garden of 49 Spencer Road involving a very bright
object blasting out luminous, multicoloured lights. He said categorically not,
which only adds to the mystery of what on earth that object could possibly have

If my account is of any interest to you, then I am happy to provide you with any
other details I can recall.