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Did we just hit Superman?
Above: Actual case photo: Courtesy of MUFON

Did We Just Hit Superman? UFO Smashes Jet in Minnesota, US

Sighting Specifics
Flight PathUnknown
Weather Details
Temperature28F / -2C
Visibility10 Miles / 16 Kilometers
ConditionsNo Abnormal Weather Conditions
Detailed Description

'Did we just hit superman?' NBA stars share incredible photos of team jet's
smashed nose after it was damaged at 30,000ft during 'rough flight' from
Minnesota to Chicago.

Oklahoma City Thunder were traveling from Minnesota to Chicago on
Saturday they were on a chartered 180-seat Boeing 757-200 which was
operated by Delta  NBA players felt nothing mid-flight then disembarked to
discover the damage they begged fans and scientists for answers as to what
may have caused it.

Delta said the damage was most likely caused by a bird which flew into the
plane; the team was traveling from Minneapolis, Minnesota, to Chicago at the
time; they're used to a bit of turbulence on the court but NBA stars
Oklahoma City Thunder were left baffled as they disembarked the private
charter plane late on Saturday night to discover its nose had been entirely
indented mid-flight.

New Zealand player Steven Adams shared photographs of the damage after arriving at Chicago's O'Hare airport at 1.30am on Saturday after their flight from Minnesota.  'We had a rough flight to say the least,' said Adams, 24.  incredulous, he called on NASA and famous scientists Bill Nye and Neil Tyson
to shed light on what may have caused the dent.   

Adams' superstar teammate Carmelo Anthony also shared a photo of the plane on social media. In an image posted to his Instagram account, Anthony asked 'what possibly could we have hit in the sky at this time of night?' Some mischievously suggested the damage was caused by 'Superman'.

BEAMS comment: Regular readers here will know that this isn't the first time something substantial has smashed into a jet; last time, in an incident involving a Chinese passenger jet, I think they cited 'hailstones' as the explanation for their pulverized nosecone; in this latest case it's a bird; yes, indeed bird collisions with airplanes do happen; perhaps it WAS migrating geese... but come on now, can damage of this magnitude ALWAYS be attributed to bird impact?

I recall that there was an incident over Mexico, (a country well known for its high number of UFOs) not so long ago, where 'an unidentified object' pranged a commercial airliner, badly damaging the plane's landing gear; luckily the jet was able to make an emergency landing... but only just; it could easily have turned into a crash landing!

Another off pat excuse might be 'oh, a drone hit us'; but seriously, ask yourself, what would happen if a large unidentified flying sphere smacked into an aircraft head-on? it would probably cause some damage; and taking the possibility a step further, couldn't this type of UFO, (or any UFO come to that) actually be the culprit in some of these direct hit cases?

We suspect so.