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05-04-2018: 'Plane' Flying In Formation With UFOs - Middlesbrough North Yorkshire UK

[Please set this video to 1080 HD and view on full screen for best results]

Clear, daylight video footage of what seems like a plane, flying in formation with UFOs over Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire UK.

Very peculiar... could this be military? although somehow the objects captured here do not look quite right for that to be the case.

Just what are those small round objects that are accompanying the lead 'aircraft'?

grab 1 
Screenshot from video

The anonymous source who videoed this revealed: "While walking home from a friends house around 7pm, I noticed some dark objects in the sky.

"At first, I thought it was a flock of birds, but soon noticed that it looked like some sort of military plane flying in a slightly curved path followed by four small, round objects.

"I watched them for around one and a half minutes before losing sight of them in the distance.

"There was only the sound of the plane as it passed by."

There is an ongoing conspiracy that governments around the world, including the US and UK, use secret, highly classified bases to test reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technology.

One of these is rumoured to be a silent aircraft known as the Black Triangle.

One viewer has kindly written in to BEAMS with a detailed analysis of what he believes this to be:
"As a long time aircraft enthusiast and photographer also with a side interest in the paranormal I keep and eye on your website from time to time. I especially like to keep track of sightings that are aviation or military related as I see in so many cases routine military activity being misunderstood for something more exotic.
I saw one of the most recent accounts, listed on the 24th of this month and linking to a YouTube video. The stated date that this was filmed is the 5th of April, so I went back and looked through military movements over the UK for that date. Comprehensive data from virtual online radar feeds using Mode-S transponder data, radio comms and even the mark one eyeball mean each day a comprehensive list of daily movements is available from aviation enthusiast sources.
Firstly, the YouTube video is poor, and my first impression was it was a fake intentionally made poor to disguise the quality. Whilst I understand that the video is zoomed in from the initial footage, having it out of focus makes identifying them difficult. The trailing aircraft, it appears to be four do at times when the video focuses better look like silhouettes of USAF F-15s. The larger aircraft at the front would then logically be a Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker, although this silhouette struggles to resemble a KC-135, but given the zoom and quality that does not invalidate that possibility.
Looking at the data for 5th of April the following is quite revealing. Callsign ‘Nacho 82’ a USAF KC-135R Stratotanker departed RAF Midlenhall in Suffolk (about twenty miles from me) early morning to set up for refuelling on the ‘Spyder’ track. ‘Nacho’ is a callsign allocated to a USAF KC-135 tanker from a unit based in the US (usually a reserve unit) that is on deployment to the USAF operated airfield at RAF Mildenhall. Now Mildenhall has it’s own unit of KC-135 tankers but given their level of tasking they have at least one tanker over from the US to supplement their own aircraft. The ‘Spyder’ track is a specified area that is used by both RAF and USAF tankers for air-to-air refuelling, and covers North Yorkshire. It’s not one of the more commonly used refuelling areas but is used from time to time. Whilst over North Yorkshire the tanker was visited by ‘Noble’ and ‘Fury’ flights of USAF F-15C/Ds from the 493rd Fighter Squadron/48th Fighter Wing from RAF Lakenheath, only a few miles from Mildenhall. These two flights were a two and four ship. The tanker and the F-15s were tracked orbiting over North Yorkshire that morning. This is just daily operations for the units involved and nothing unusual. Also, later in the day another tanker (‘Quid 44’ – standard Mildenhall based aircraft) took over the refuelling track for further F-15 flights into the evening.
Obviously, I can’t be 100% certain, but looking at the video combined with the info above, it seems beyond reasonable doubt to me that we have a KC-135 here with one F-15 behind on the refuelling boom, and the other three holding station on the aircraft."

Update: "Since I wrote that last night I’ve looked at it further and also checked out any other aircraft activity in the area that could be considered responsible, and have come up a blank. There was a Forward Air Control exercise in Wales that day involving multiple RAF fast jets but no tanker was involved and given the difference in locations I don’t see any connection.
I did wonder about the close proximity of the smaller receivers (the F-15’s) compared to the tanker, as besides the aircraft actually on the boom taking on fuel they all looked too close to each over. Generally a formation of fast jets holding around a tanker will fly with some space and distance between both themselves and the tanker for safety and reduce the level of concentration required for formation flying. This is the kind of mistake that often crops up in fake YouTube videos allegedly showing military jets in close proximity to UFO’s and betrays the perpetrators unfamiliarity with military flying. I did notice that as the formation banks away to the left the far left aircraft does appear to slightly distance itself from the others in the formation. I’m less inclined to think this is a fake and is just mistaken identity.
The blob at the front doesn’t really resemble a KC-135, which is the military version of the old Boeing 707 airliner. The wings appear to  match a plan view of the KC-135, but the lack of any fuselage being visible does surprise me, although I suspect it is just down to such a smaller area not appearing in an out of focus and massively enlarged image. I can’t see what else it could be, as any USAF deployment of the B-2 Spirit - with it’s obvious flying wing appearance - into UK airspace would be impossible to hide from the enthusiast community. Any classified experimental type would most certainly not be flying over Yorkshire in daylight on a clear day in non-restricted airspace with a flight of fast jets drawing attention to itself, so I would still go with the KC-135, especially as we know a KC-135 was orbiting over North Yorkshire with fast jets at that time.
Hope that helps."

This idea could be correct, but, even if the video is of something as mundane as aircraft refuelling, we think it is extremely important for anyone interested in the UFO subject to familiarize themselves regarding such activities, if only for the purposes of elimination; so, if you enjoyed this video, (or not) do please reflect your feelings by either leaving us a thumbs up or thumbs down vote on our YT channel... as many people forget to do so.  

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