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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

22-04-2017: UFO Photographed in Burley, New Forest, Hampshire, UK 13:22:00

Was walking in the woods taking photos and when I downloaded them I had captured this image. I have photos before and after and no other photo has the UFO.

Witness statement:

"We were walking in the New Forest Woods with our dog Alfie and I was taking a series of photographs as we did our walk. In this particular shot I called out to my partner at the time that I had captured his hat in the photo, so I was not looking into the sky and neither was my partner. I was taking a picture of the tree of which the next photo shops the recess in that tree where I stood and rested my back and my partner sat on the ground beside that tree.

When I got all the pictures home and up loaded them onto my laptop from my camera I observed the object.

Original case image
Above: Original case image: Please click for full size

I showed my partner and questioned him about any noise at the time; we both did not see the object or heard anything loud or noise; all I can remember was the birds singing and it being a lovely sunny afternoon stroll in the New Forest Near Burley.

Crop detail enlarged
Above: Detail cropped, enlarged

The photo was taken with a Canon Power Shot SX10 hs 1/1250 sec f/3.2 4.5mm 160b iso size 5184 x 2912: I have the full sequence of photos taken before and after."