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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

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Please view this video through completely on full screen, if you don't, you'll miss out!!

July, 2018: Best video so far of its type...
Swarm of apparently living sphere intelligences... UFOs over South London, UK

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Here BEAMS presents HQ video footage of hundreds of UFOs among clouds & viewed near the Sun over London in July 2018!: If you can't or refuse to watch this on a reasonable size screen, then DON'T BOTHER! how can anyone see tiny detail properly on a little mobile phone?!

Witness message to BEAMS:

Hi- I've just read some of your work on your web page & downloaded a few videos from YouTube; your view on what the UFOs are/may be seems very feasible, you may find the following video of use.

These objects were invisible to the naked eye. They were too high up to notice, too bright to discern & too fast !!! The film was taken at 400 fps & they are often only definable when slowed down further. Many appear fleetingly or for only one frame.

My colleagues & myself think we have a reasonably good idea what they are & many of their interactions/impingements. We are all keen students of comparative mythology/symbolism & these entities conform to notable geometric unfoldment's.

We are not fixed in this current perspective tho & are constantly revising & expanding what we know & can imagine as possible & probable.

Let us know what you think, we'll watch your interviews & presentations & see what common ground we share...

All V Best,
from Ram, with Dee & R.Mc

This upload consists of 4 brief videos taken to study the edges of clouds in direct sunlight. Numerous consciously guided objects began to swarm first they were elusive & it was almost impossible to get a decent shot of them. After 10 minutes or so (just as I'd given up trying to photograph them) they began to saturate the shots I was taking- they weren't shy ! & some of them can be seen materializing as large 'globes/orbs' for a fraction of a second- while others whiz about on a mostly regular vector, tho at different velocities.

The footage is as follows-
(1) 00m00s - 00m47s = 21st July 2018 @ 17:23.30- duration (47s)
(2) 00m47s - 02m58s = 21st July 2018 @ 18:04.12- duration (2m-11s)
(3) 02m59s - 03m53s = 21st July 2018 @ 18:14.34- duration (56s)
(4) 03m53s - 06m33s = as (2) edited from 1m30s- slowed to 25 percent speed- duration (2m43s)
(5) 06m33s  - 09m44s = as (1) slowed to 25 percent speed- duration (3m11s)
(5) 09m44s - 12m-09s = 18th July 2018 @ 18:11.50- duration (2m-25s)

(5) has a fast pair of 'rods' (or single 'rod' divided?) with globes/orbs between them- appearing in the first few seconds from the bottom right of the screen moving up towards the center- you'll have to pause the footage to catch it. The rest of this segment is just some of the most stunning & strangely beautiful cloud footage you'll ever see ( shown in real time)- if you can be bothered to watch it on a large screen with the brightness levels set low & wearing 3D (red/blue) glasses , it will reveal some intriguing elements-if you look through just the RED filtered side you may well notice a definite rotating geometry within the seeming chaos...

We might get around to uploading the photos of these 'things' & zooming into & pausing the videos for analysis - or we may not, as it will probably get ignored & marginalized like everything else worth considering.

YouTube link for original video here:

From Ram & R.Mc

Music by Errol Holt, Prince Far I, Augustus Pablo, Roy Cousins
Tracks mixed by Ram
Thanks to Pressure Sounds, Rockers International & Roy Cousins

Photos/Film footage copyright R.McD.

Further communication:

Hi Ken & Hilary

Many thanks for you considered & insightful response.

You are most welcome to re-use/ upload the footage- we uploaded it for 'public awareness' & try to avoid superficial ego antics!

We sometimes use the term 'craft' for 'bodies' beyond our comprehension- similar to a shoal of fish , flock of birds or 'energetic arrays'- we apologies if it is misleading & not entirely appropriate!

It is not meant to imply 'space-ships' although many people don't seem to be able to envision unusual 'beings' unless such terms are employed.

As you well know (& explain in your message) it is a near impossibility adequately describing such things! Are they 'animals, plants, technology, a combination of all three -or something 'other'?

Sometimes they are described as 'alien' - we think they are most certainly NOT alien- if anything they are intrinsic dynamics of Nature... 'Humanity' may well be the most 'alien' thing on the Planet!

Some of the things we're pretty sure of so far- (we don't mind admitting we could be wrong-however all of these have been tested in some way!)

That they -
do interact with PLASMAs but are not themselves inherently plasmatic (it seems-so far). - convert/clean/energise the atmosphere-by 'some kind of'  filtrations, dissolutions & coagulations ...  & other process beyond our grasp. - are one of the oldest 'consciousness' on/within the planet- probably pre-life as we know it.

They 'make' the atmosphere in collaboration with other forces.
- are a 'group-mind' yet are capable of independent action.
- are being attacked by toxins/poisons, ionization (excess positive Ions?) & radioactivity- these are proving too great a burden on their effectiveness- hence our increasingly unhealthy atmosphere.

It seems likely that the 'atmospheric engineering/chemtrail bombardment' is an attempt to overwhelm/mutate/destroy & heard them (among other agendas)

The Egyptians tried to do the same thousands of years ago with them, the attempt didn't go well... & look at Egypt now...

The American Indians have obviously/overtly mixed two creation myths together because of the last attempt to dominate these 'beings', re-the myth of the sky tilting to allow animal spirits to 'attack' them!

They are fundamentally BENIGN , yet due to 'toxins' can be a formidable threat to mankind/ organic life (due to being threatened themselves) -they are ubiquitous.

---A brief note about illusionary dimensions--- no offense intended - (R.Mc did a degree in art & Ram did advanced maths- so this is from the heart & totally opposed to the conformist conditioning we had to regurgitate for exams!).

'Multidimensionality' is a conceptual con. All things are at least 4-dimensional (4 possible measurements) for us to comprehend them.

The 'point' is considered non-dimensional ! which is a theoretical conceit because it can already be perceived in space-time (four dimensions).

The 'line' is considered 1 dimensional yet no line is without breadth & depth -even if just molecular.

The 'plane' as the surface for inscription is variably dimensional as it can be folded & scrunged up into a ball ! 

1, 2 or 3D objects are always existent &/or perceived in a 4D existence- hence nothing is ever less than 4 dimensions.

A flat TV/monitor screen or piece of paper is never just 2 dimensional- even if the image appears so.

27 dimension universes are our basic 4 dimension realm with some extra 'measures' added for complexity or practicality.

Looking forward to strange & wonderful times,
all the very best from Ram, R.Mc & Dee

P.S. we will upload a few more vids that you may consider even better in a a few days.
BTW all this footage was unexpected as we can't actually see them when filming!

Orbs detail close up 1    Orbs detail close up 2
Someone suggested these may simply be out-of-focus birds:  I would say that these objects are way too
circular for birds - as the screen grabs above suggest.

Orbs 1      Orbs 2
Also, I went back to the beginning of the video, and captured the above 2 clips, and expanded them. *Note: Please observe that each one of these objects (“bogey's”) have darker edges to them. The “order” seems to be mainly on three sides. “But I wonder why?

“Dark surrounding area’s (mainly on three sides!) ~ White oblong shape brightly lit in center portion... bit of a coincidence H’mm?

Also discovered on this video - a 'Rod'-type UFO

Rod 1
Capture 1   [*Note: Path of travel is from right hand corner towards the center of frame.]
Capture 2: [I believe myself that this Image shows that the object is actually breaking apart as it makes it’s entry into the cloud].

It seems these actually are (or are certainly intimately connected with) 'Sylphs' - however, while many of us would consider the beautiful (or eerie) clouds as the actual Sylphs we think the clouds are the artifacts/ result of the sylphs work (at the moment!).

'Sylphs tend the air element, directing the flow of air currents and atmospheric conditions. They purify the atmosphere and aerate every cell of life with the sacred breath of Spirit. They are bearers of the life-sustaining prana that nourishes all living things. On subtle levels, the sylphs transmit the currents of the Spirit from heaven to earth.The sylphs often have thin, ethereal bodies that transform gracefully into myriad shapes as they soar through the air. Sylphs are able to travel at great distances very quickly, and giant sylphs can actually span the skies and interpenetrate the earth, the water and the fire elements.Like giant transformers, they work to purify the air of pollutants—everything from car exhaust to toxic fumes emitted from factories and other industrial processes—before these can pollute the water and the earth'.
The sylphs themselves seem to be the macro/micro TRIANGULATIONS & 'EYE HOLES' that are always (yet not always visible) next to the CLOUD emanations... & like fish or birds they all look relatively similar to each other, yet are also distinctly different... or they could be 'in-effect' all the same thing -seen in different 'states' or 'processes' they interact with EACH OTHER is still a mystery- how they act upon the clouds (water, dust & charge) is beginning to become far clearer (no pun intended)..

One thing for sure, our scientists must be aware of this kind of phenomena, and it is likely that there is one mighty big cover-up going on about it all; probably because, if the truth was acknowledged by them and made 'official', then at the bare minimum, our current scientific laws would have to be drastically revised.