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Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

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30-04-2019 Florida Crypto UFO
Above: Just one of the still photos taken by case witness - [there were/are concerns about this possibly being some kind of secret military project - hence only 1 release!]

30-04-2019: Superb Crypto UFO (Or BB Military Project?) Capture Over Panama City Beach, Florida , US

[Submitted 01/10/2019]

>Please scroll down this page completely for the BEAMS analysis video and witness update!<

So, here we are again with yet another, (what we think is anyway) crypto creature; but please do come to your own conclusions.

Detailed Witness Description:

I was in a hotel room on the 22nd floor in Panama City Beach Florida. I was looking off the balcony west to east towards Tyndall AFB when I spotted what I thought was the reflection of something in the air.

I estimated it to be approximately 15 miles away and approximately 20,000 feet. I realized the object I was seeing was not moving.

I have 22 years in the US Air Force and have over 2000 hours flying on helicopters, so I initially thought I was seeing something hovering, and possibly something from the nearby Tyndall AFB.

I began taking photos of it and a short video.

The pictures are a sequential series of about 100 photos and show the object to have a lot of movement, but it is not going anywhere.

I used a zoom lens on a new A6000 Sony camera and did not check the photos at the time. Later when I downloaded them to my laptop I realized I had captured some very extraordinary pictures of something I had never seen before.

Over the course of two hours I took photos.

The object appears to be anything from an advanced aircraft with straight lines and horizontal stabilizers, to a rocket-shaped object traveling at a very high speed, to what appears to be concentric rings of a contrail; and finally, what appears to be a huge luminescent stingray or butterfly with straight-line edged wings on both sides.

In another series of photos it is obvious the object has made itself to appear invisible by reflecting the surrounding blue sky.

When enlarged you can make out the outline of the object.

I have not posted any of these photos yet. I have photos of everything I have mentioned.

I have uploaded the video to YouTube and it can be seen there.

The single video is broken into parts so it can be seen at normal speed and then slowed down and looked at frame by frame. One part can be found on YouTube under the title of TR-3B anti-gravity spacecraft or UFO Panama City Beach Florida 30 April 2019 video 300 percent zoom.

If it is a secret project, it should not have been flying in the middle of the day over Panama City Beach on 30 April 2019.

I have looked extensively and cannot find anything like this online at various sites.

My pictures have been seen by personnel in a gov agency because I did not want to show them if they were part of a secret project. They said they were "weather balloons"... (of course, that is what they had to say).

Negative mode
Above: The UFO shown in negative mode.... [funny-looking "weather balloons".]

I have included only one photo with this submission.

I have about 100 photos, not all clear, but many of them are amazing and an object is definitely recognizable. the video uploaded to YouTube is the object in the still photo. End of statement.

Sighting Specifics:
Distance Over One Mile
Altitude Over 500 Feet - No Cloud Cover
Duration 03:00:00
Features Patterned Surface, Appendage(s), Wings, Other
Flight Path Stationary, Hovering Then Path, Straight Line Path, Other

BEAMS Analysis video

Above is our attempt at adding zoom and stabilization to a portion of the original video and slowing; clearly this is some kind of stingray or manta.

The original photo in particular shows pectoral fins, (head?) and trunk with that infamous tail trailing behind; and at one point in our video effort, we momentarily see its fins or wings flap!

BEAMS concluding comment: Now, what do you make of all this? are we right, or are we simply seeing what we want to here?

Is it genuine? heck yeah it is - that's for sure, guaranteed!

But tell us anyone, what kind of 'bird', (sky) 'fish', 'insect' , object or man-made project could this be?

We suspect that this object may well be what is termed as a 'crypto creature'; these are biological entities that have not yet been officially discovered/recognised by science.

That is not such an outrageous proposal, because, just as many very unusual species of fish are now being discovered in the previously unexplored depths of the world's oceans, 'cryptos' like the one you see here may live most of the time in the still relatively unexplored, upper reaches of our atmosphere... perhaps coming down to 'feed' off the pollution and energies that man emits.

Anyway, that theory aside, this is still a UFO... an unidentified flying object, which is what we concern ourselves with here at the British Earth & Aerial Mysteries Society.

Surely though, we should be officially informed about these incredible wonders on TV documentaries; perhaps by the likes of know-all Professor Brian Cox and his colleagues - aren't they aware of such phenomena? If so, why not tell us about it? If not, what on earth are their kind actually paid for anyway?

How about on the good-old UFO documentaries? Ever seen these crypto critters on there? nope... I don't think we have either.

All that can be said is, whatever this flying form represents - be it alien, some secret technology of 'ours'... or some unknown natural oddity - it's superbly weird, which is the way we like our UFOs!

Update: Message from witness 08/10/2019:


I took the photo that you have identified as a "crypto capture". That is a term I had not heard of before, and after reading the information you added in your analysis I would say that is very real possibility, out of all the photos I have taken there are several that do look like they have come from the bottom of the ocean or if in the air we have never noticed them before.

The luminescent manta ray looking object looks like it is alive, I thought that before I read your term crypto creature. I did not share that photo you have with anyone, I only submitted it with a report to a ufo reporting agency. I have however sent several photos to mufon recently and when I asked what the analysis said about them I was told he said "he almost had a heart attack when he saw them".

There are several skeptic theories on another site, they are completely wrong, this object was up there, and I believe, based on the photos, there were more than one object, with my eyes I could see nothing but a bright spot... it is not and afterburner as some have suggested, it is a power source and it cycles up and down and then the object leaves so fast you cannot see it... but it did leave a series of circular contrail rings that looks like someone blew smoke rings form a cigarette...

This was in the middle of the day, a clear blue sky, with very little clouds... in another series of 3 sequential photos you can clearly see the object in first and third photo, but it appears to be gone in the second photo, I thought I had missed it, but positioning it where it should be based on the cloud in the photo, and zooming in on the area, you can see it is still there, but is either reflecting the colors around it or it has some type of cover over it...

I was initially shocked and somewhat scared when I downloaded them to my laptop and saw the objects... I knew I had captured something not seen before or if it has been seen it is not public knowledge, and I wanted to confirm I was not exposing a secret gov project, so I sent them to a DOD analysis, who said he did not know what it was, and he sent the photos to another agency that specializes in analyzing things... after about a month and not hearing any word I started asking what the analyst thought it was, and I was told it was a weather balloon.

This was a new camera, I had not used the video on it and did not realize it was working, I wish I would have, because I would have tried to get a better video, as it is, I have not seen anything better than what I have. I also have another video that has not been uploaded that was shot with a cell phone, it shows an object but it is not in clear detail like the Sony camera. [End]

Well, studying this case certainly made our hearts beat a bit faster... how about you dear BEAMS member?

Thanks for reading.

Ken and Hil