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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).

07-05-2020: Beyond Rare!
Full Uncut Footage: Surf Webcam UFO USO Unidentified Submerged Object Capture Encinitas, California, US

Captured on the live stream Encinitas Surfcam, we are convinced that this is absolutely authentic!

27 frame sequence GIF
27 sequential frame GIF animation

[Do not miss out... action begins at around the 3 minute mark... be sure to watch in its 10 minute entirety - and on full screen!]

Brief Description:
USO runs along the coast then ascended and vanished.

Detailed Description:
Around 10:30pm my son was viewing the surf webcam video located at beacons in Encinitas.

Around the 3 min mark, you can see an orange object in the lower left quadrant of the screen.

We observed the object rise up from the ocean then submerge.

All the while being able to see the orange object with an orange

It hovered then submerged, then began flashing a while light moving
very fast.

When it looked like it was at the horizon, ascended, flashed and then disappeared.

The day after, this particular site had been shut down and the video was gone!

Luckily my son had saved the video. [End]

BEAMS Comment: The Unidentified Submerged Object is the rarest type of UFO phenomena, yet it has been accidentally captured on camera for what is believed to be the first time ever!

100% looks real, the anisotropic light reflection on the water surface cannot be faked without some proper full ocean rendering, which is not the case here; doesn't seem to be any known drone, at least not man-made commercial ones.

We really wonder what this thing is doing... studying maybe? Its motions are quite random, but obviously under intelligent control! We can see the smooth motion and transitions that it makes from hovering slightly above water, then diving below the waves and later taking-off into high altitude... consciously controlled as if alive!

Now, it can be seen just how these highly advanced objects move and behave in a purposeful and mind-boggling manner.

Perhaps these are alien craft/exploratory probes, perhaps they are unknown living objects/creatures/spirits, who knows?

Hope the viewer is as euphoric as we are after having watched such seriously scarce footage!