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Crop/Detail Enlarged
Crop/Detail Enlarged

19-12-2020 UFO Captured in Skies Over Fermanagh, Northern Ireland

[Submitted 19/01/2021]

UFO investigators are seeking to explain this mysterious object spotted in the sky over Co Fermanagh.

The grey shape was photographed by local Sinn Fein councillor Sheamus Greene while walking a remote area shortly before Christmas.

Mr Greene, a self-proclaimed UFO sceptic, told Sunday Life the object vanished almost immediately after he captured it on camera at Carrickaheenan, near Brookeborough.

The sighting came about a week after Mr Greene had seen a trio of orange lights in the sky.

Mr Greene said: "About one week later, during the day time at around 1pm, I noticed an object in the distance almost hovering.

"I got a picture and almost simultaneously it vanished, whether it had moved or not I'm not sure.

"It looked to be about three miles away and like what a UFO should look like - a circular, almost disc-like object."

After posting the image on social media Mr Greene said he was aware other people in nearby Lisnaskea had also seen the same orange lights.

"I've no idea what it was, people have said it might have been a drone but there's no way as it was quite a big object given the distance," he said.
"I've never seen anything like this before and I wouldn't be one who thinks aliens are about to invade, I've always been a fairly sceptical man."

Chris McMurray of the Northern Ireland UFO Society (NIUFOS) told Sunday Life he did not on first inspection believe it could be explained away as a drone.

"It doesn't look to be a drone that I'm aware of and it would again have to be massive if it was as far as Mr Greene estimated," he said.

"If something was genuinely there, could it be a form of kite or unknown aerial vehicle?

"We'd need a report to be completed and submitted to us."

In July, NIUFOS investigated a case of a suspected UFO seen over the Co Down village of Annalong that was initially believed to be a weather balloon. However, the Met Office said while a weather balloon (known as a radiosonde) was launched from a station near Lough Neagh on the day of the sighting it passed nowhere near the filming location.

Mr Greene's close encounter came shortly before the news that UFO sightings had increased in Northern Ireland in 2020.

Courtesy of Sunday Life

BEAMS Comment: UFO captures are invariably blurred, (which could be down to their very nature)... but look closer; do we see yet another Saturn-type, a central ball with ring around it? or is that a dome on top? either way, great pic and sighting!