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Source: PLANETA UFO and Los Andes- Periodismo de Verdad
Date: 03.31.21

Argentina: Malargue - A UFO Hotspot? Photo of Alleged UFO in the South Goes Viral.

Cropped Enlargement
Cropped enlargement of object

A group of cyclists was going by one of the loveliest landscapes in the area; upon taking a photo, they became aware of a strange formation.

A photo taken of a group of cyclists touring the roads of Malargue quickly became the focus of attention, but not for the breathtaking southern landscaptes or the prowess of the athletes.

What capture the attention of many was that the image displays a strange object that many have associated with a UFO flying of the legendary Castillos de Pincheira formation. The image came about from a post to Facebook by Lucio Aguirre and which went viral immediately.

"Some friends from Alvear were pedaling around the Castillos de Pincheira region in Malargue. They took several shots of the landscape and in one of them, you can see this..." says the man in his profile.

The photo shows a dirt road only meters away from the rocky formation. Above it, meters above the structure, a blurry object seems to hover above the surface.

While the Castillos de Pincheira formation is clearly visible, many tried pouring cold water over the post. Users were inclined to explain the phenomenon with a simple 'dirty lens' explanation.

(Note: This is hardly the first time that Malargue has appeared in Inexplicata. A series of photographs taken a decade ago became the source of controversy in North and South America alike:

[Translation (c) 2021 S. Corrales IHU with thanks to Guillermo Giménez Planeta UFO]


BEAMS Comment: Note what is either atmospheric disturbance or a heat trail, (signature) above this very fine disc.