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DATE: AUGUST 28, 2014

Please keep scrolling down to read the complete description:

To begin with, we had some difficultiy getting these amazing images here to BEAMS ...which included a few technical hiccups and the witness not owning the correct type of connection cable for transference to his PC.

Very little was 'conventional' or straightforward about this case - including the fact that when the UFO event took place, our friend had nothing to hand to take any photos apart from a Nintendo DSi console! Until then, I didn't even know that certain types of these games consoles had cameras built in to them - and incredibly, this machine has *two of them! *blurb; 'the most noticeable feature of the slim Nintendo DSi system are its two cameras - one camera is situated on the external body pointing away from the user, and the second one points at the user when the device is flipped open.' ;
this was news to me, never having been a fan of gaming myself.

Dsi Camera
DSi games console showing lens of it's built in 0.3 MP camera

One of the hitches in getting thiis material published, was that I live quite a distance away from the witness and so, other than giving him guidance by email - it was difficult to help; to make matters worse, we are both somewhat inept when it comes to the setting up side of computer technology: Yes, everything is fine-and-dandy once our PC's etc are running smoothly, but when things get complicated, (such as unusual connectivity issues), we do tend to panic a bit - I suppose it's an age thing, neither of us being spring chickens as it were.

The witness tells me that when he experienced this sighting, he had no lights switched on in the house whatsoever - and there are no streetlamps outside his home either. He describes what he saw as a 'black triangle' that made no sound, which had a bright light at each corner and another in the middle.

Statement: "Ken Iím still having trouble opening your e-mailís with this damned computer, well anyoneís e-mails.  Anyway, good but frustrating news, I was playing away on my hand held Nintendo games machine tonight in the dark,  **** asleep as usual, when something caught my eye outside the back window. I ran outside, switching the machine onto 3D picture mode. At first I thought it was just a very bright moon, then I realized it was something else. My old mate was back, a lit-up black triangle.

Iíve got four pictures in sort of 3D, but for the life of me, I donít know how to download these pictures from the Nintendo onto a computer in order to send them to you as email attachments. Tomorrow Iíll try to take close up pictures on my digital camera off the little screen, it might give you an insight as to what I have captured.

One huge bright light in the middle and three dimmer ones at each corner of the triangular shape.

I would say there were white lights with a bluish haze around them." end of statement.

So, just to reiterate, the witness used a Nintendo DSi game console to capture these pictures... but at the time he was unable to find the correct cable in order for him to transfer the images to his PC; initially, as a result, he was only able to record what he had captured from the screen of his games machine, which obviously resulted in blurry images like this.

Image above is a screen capture only

But, then he had some MAJOR success; no more low res copies from his games screen ...look.

Next update: "Right Ken, I got in contact with my friend ******* today but he was too busy, so he sent round a girl called ******: She messed about with both gadgets, the TV and my games machine: Then she centred the images properly and got rid of the blur, and flash corruption, for which she used some kind of filter on her camera. The light source is very bright as she has zoomed right into the object for maximum detail.  All four lights can now be clearly seen and sharpened up; youíll probably think itís disco lights or somthing, and that is your prerogative, but they aren't." end

Craft altitude approx 200 or 300 feet - no sound heard.

Witness description concerning flight characteristics and direction: "The object came from left to right above me; it moved quite slowly, kind of hot air balloon speed; it changed course slightly a few times. The lights changed in brightness as well, sometimes the center light was very bright, sometimes the front light, the back two were just bright ...and it flew off to the East towards Willington, (Beds) in direction."


Same image below, Gamma-corrected to bring out detail of main structure?

"Sheís done really well here I think; so, if they donít come out with this e-mail, Iíll send you just the photoís on a second email: I think the computer is working tonight, for once." end of statement.

Another shot; note large light on front of this craft, which may vary in intensity or perhaps when viewed from different angles

Update email from witness: "Thanks Ken for all your help regarding this case, your detective work and at times, scepticism; but if it wasnít for that I wouldnít have gone on the track I took ...and I got to meet a lovely girlie, what a bonus!  Oh, she hasnít seen a UFO herself but is a believer, and she was fascinated by these photoís. I showed her some of my older ones. She liked the Bolton shots but said they could be vastly improved. I hope she pops round again to do her stuff."

Intriguing Possibility: The 28/08/2014 'craft' and the 28.08.2010 'craft', (both captured by the same witness, yet years apart, close to his home in Putnoe, Bedford, Beds, UK), may be one and the same object!

It just occurred to me, (and it sometimes takes a while with me for the penny to drop, that this completely silent craft maybe the SAME as the one previously captured by our witness in Putnoe, Bedford, Beds, UK - back in 2010! Please see annotated picture with insert and original image below.

See what you think. Or could it be that are there TWO of these monster craft flying around, both of different design?

Must see original report here - which contains many more images:

Detail of central light on 28/08/2014 craft

Another shot, (similar to others above) of the 28/08/2014 Triangular Craft

So how does this witness do it? how does he have so many incredible UFO sightings? (and there are many more of his reports from previous years on this website: simply look for 'Bedford' on our UFO Reports and UFO Archive pages, (quickest method is to press Crl F buttons together on your keyboard and enter 'Bedford in the pop up search box). I put this question to him and he told me: 'Ken, I think if you are totally interested and dedicated to a subject that totally enthrals you, that the gambler's spun coin tends to drop the right side for him. Call it whatever, itís almost like the power of prayer, but be careful what you wish for as it may come true.

To believe in something so close to me, maybe I get the odd little reward at times: Wish it was more often, but that's just being greedy: No, I still love the mystery of it all, but more importantly, the on-going and mostly elusive phenomena, that you and me and the genuine UFO community out there are chasing and attempting to discover the secrets about; and after all these years, itís still one hell of a ride."

Further conversations with the witness: "I canít judge heights, especially in the dark: It was close above me, maybe 200 ft. above, but donít quote me on that, it could have been 400 ft, I really donít know. I tapped the yellow button on the screen and set the slider on to 3D mode, then began pressing the two top shoulder buttons; after ****** had messed about with the original images on the games machine she simply deleted them, put her updated versions on her digital card and that was that. Iím a technophobe, I still canít download a video to send. Photoís, when this computer letís me - are easy, but as for videoís - forget it.

Best ever photoís of a black flying triangle ever in the UK? - no, that could have been last year in broad daylight when my neighbour and myself witnessed one being chased or escorted by a small plane. I ran to get a camera but by the time I got back onto the street they were gone."

...and when someone wakes up with huge, unexplainable bruises and needle injection marks on their arms, (and they don't take drugs), as with our Bedford witness, following a spate of UFO activity over and close to their home in 28.08.2010, (see picture above and report link), does that not seem a bit strange to you dear reader?

There is one more image to add to this mind-blowing photo set, the very last that the witness took; unless this is some kind of optical distortion/refelection, there is a possibilty, that as the triangle flew slowly and silently away into the distance, it may have morphed into more of an oval-shaped object!


DATE: AUGUST 28, 2014

Our Bedford 'triangle' witness, (who has had many UFO sightings and Paranormal experiences over the years), told me today, (12/09/2014), that he was checking the files on his various camera memory cards and found this strange image.

"Ken, Iíve been going through my cards, I think this is from my more blurry images, I donít remember sending you this before, maybe its the one I said had more of a spaceship shape too it."

"This photo is from the same light triangle photo set - showing the object as it flew off into the distance towards the willington area; the trouble with these photos is that they are not first generation to the camera card, so problems do arise." End witness quotes. 

Please click this image to take the reader through to a cropped enlargment

Object now isolated and enlarged here: interesting to note the same blue hue in this 'UFO', as in the witness' images of the mystery flying triangle lights. Also, I have run the original photo through an Image Decoder to try and find out a bit more.

The oval object shot has exactly the same blue hue about it as the triangle formation captures; which I think is significant, and proof as far as I am concerned, that all these images are related. 

Is this the smoking gun photo we have all be waiting for? In my opinion yes, there is a good chance that it is.

Here, with the barest minimum of gamma increase and cropping, (to allow the image to be centered properly on here) - we can clearly see that the 'saucer' is casting either a shadow, and/or emitting light downwards.

The more I look at the many different aspects of what this witness has experienced, (regarding this case and his other encounters), the more I am inclined to think in terms of actual alien craft here, rather than mistaken identity of military planes, black budget etc. 

Also - please check this out; a very similar photographic case from the United States which happened back in 2012; a most important report that you may have missed - and which I have only recently discovered myself courtesy of MUFON.
Muscle Shoals, Alabama (United States)

Sighted on Monday 02. January 2012
Reported on Tuesday 06. March 2012
Shape: Sphere | Duration: Undisclosed
Source: MUFON 

Witness statement: 'Just came on duty, security for Wise Alloys. Still dark. Work gate by myself. Plant is out in the country. Eating some McDonald's standing outside guard shack and noticed off in the distance over a stretch of pasture, what looked at first to be a helicopter slowly traversing field. About a mile away or less. Watched it for a min or two as it came closer to plant. Realized that I did not hear any rotor noise. Looked closer as it came toward new construction (new smelter building;) it disappeared behind building for a minute then came right over the top and it was then I realized that I had no Idea what it was. Took out my cell phone and tried to get camera on. My hands where shaking pretty bad. Got it on.. looked up and it was almost directly over me at I would guess about fifty feet.

I took a couple of shots as it began to ascend. It got up pretty high, I'm not sure, maybe a thousand feet and then it just vanished. After the fact I remembered that it did not make noise but it did vibrate my chest and head. Very strange feeling and hard to explain. It had three distinct lights on the underside that changed in intensity as it took off... very blue and slightly violet. No heat. The top side was very dark and I could not see any detail: Not a saucer shape but a circle cut in half, flat side down. No lights on top. My air force buddy tried to tell me its one of ours but he is wrong.

I am familiar with most aircraft and this was not one of ours.'

Image: Unknown Craft - Muscle Shoals, Alabama (United States) Please click to enlarge

Original report here:

Sounds like a joke... when is a flying triangle NOT a flying triangle? Answer... when the observed triangular configuration may actually be glowing, spherical power sources or landing gear on the UNDERSIDE of a saucer-type craft (+ sometimes a headlight?) that FORM in a triangle pattern: A riddle as featured in our Bedford, UK case from 2014 - when the FT craft flew away it was seen and captured as a flying oval - and described in the 2012 Muscle Shoals case.... as 'a circle cut in half'.

Please click to enlarge

This final picture shows an assortment of camera equipment that our Putnoe witness has collected over the years - just to give you an idea of how many cameras, (and memory cards), he has: Note the handheld games machine amongst this lot, that was used to capture the August 28, 2014 triangle and 'saucer' images.