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Welcome to B.E.A.M.S.

Founded in 1991, our society consists of a
team of active reporters and field investigators who
factually gather, study and disseminate evidence relating to Earth Mysteries, (e.g. Ley Lines, Terrestrial Energies and Ancient Site Anomalies), Strange Aerial Happenings, (e.g. Unidentified Flying Objects or UFOs), and The Paranormal, (e.g. Spirit and Psychic Phenomena).


It all started I suppose with the arrival of our German Shepherd puppy 'Saxon', in September 1994. 

On the 6th of November of that year, he decided to ask to walk round the garden. I can remember clearly how cloud-free and chilly it was that evening. 

I must at this juncture explain where we live and the surrounding area of Little Cornard, near Sudbury, Suffolk.  It is a small village and I live on a Park (Willowmere Park) which holds several private Park Homes. 

As I look to the East, there is a television transmitter in the far distance and you can see the tip of its mast from our garden. 

We are also near a Mere which has been in this village for hundreds of years and is home to wildlife and birds especially. Surrounding the Mere are trees. 

Now, at this point I must also state that we are on the main air corridor to the Airport of Stansted in Essex so we get many planes coming over. 

I was standing with Saxon in the garden when I looked towards the transmitter on the air corridor and saw what I thought was an aircraft. 

Suddenly, from the other direction came a small, bright object flashing very, very fast. 

From that distance I did not see either clearly. 

The small object flashed a red light. 

Still, I did not think anything of it until, watching them both when the small object suddenly shot up at speed to another trajectory. 

Then from nowhere came other small flashing objects, some making patterns, others chasing one another. 

I took Saxon indoors and asked Wally, my husband to come and see something strange.

He came out and said “where?”.  The sky was clear. 

I went up to a neighbour’s house and asked him to come and witness this.  He loves amateur astronomy.  I called other family members and friends too. 

Wally actually saw what can only be described as a double Triangular craft, clearly visible gliding along. 

I must say I did not witness that craft.  Suddenly the sky seemed full of objects coming in all directions and what made us realise we were not looking at aircraft was the lack of noise. 

The sky was silent, totally and utterly silent. 

I rang Stansted Airport and asked them if they had any aircraft over our area at the time.  (I got a typical Ministry Of Defence letter) saying they were probably weather balloons at a later date.  I did not believe this for one moment.

I also explained why I had phoned and he checked their radar, coming back with “No Ma’am, nothing on our radar”. 

The sky being so clear and full of stars I looked up high, much further than any aircraft flies and saw “falling stars” only difference was, these “stars” were climbing at a vast rate of speed upwards, even higher.

From 5.25 pm to 10.30pm the spectacle continued.  The craft did not mind who saw them and came and went all that evening.  Another phenomenon of that night was seeing the sky to the West of us light up in a spectacular blue colour and then fade. 

I rang the newspaper the next day to report this and to ask if other readers had rung in but nobody had. 

They sent a reporter from the East Anglian Daily Times to photograph me and the drawings we did of the craft. 

Then BBC Anglia phoned and Stuart White, one of their top news men came round to interview me. 

Unfortunately when the news was shown on television they made a joke out of it.  Because they did not see, they thought I was mad. If I was mad then so were others who stood and witnessed roughly 86 craft (or same craft) over and over again.

That day, taking my dog for a walk I happened to look up and although I did not see anything I heard that strange humming sound above the clouds. 

Also, early morning in the garden, with the puppy the sky flashed deep blue again, this time I felt a little scared and we went back indoors.

The silent craft were back the next night but this time further away.

I must at this point explain that the Triangles we saw flashed many colours underneath. 

Soon after this display took place, Wally was getting the car ready for work at 5.30 am. 

Another morning he noticed an orange ball of light some distance away just sitting there in the sky. When he got back he looked the light had vanished. 

He then went on to explain that cycling to work he saw a large orange ball of light over towards Little Cornard and he could not take his eyes off it, almost crashing into a car ahead of him. He said it took off at a rate and disappeared in seconds.

The next month was December and on the 10th of that month I was taking a church service over at a coastal town in Essex called Clacton-On-Sea. 

She quipped that maybe they were following me!!! 

On the way home in the car driven by a friend of mine, John Broughton, we reached the road called the A12 which runs between Clacton and Colchester in Essex. 

We saw a transmitter over the fields and were amazed to see two craft, one on either side of it just stationary in the sky. 

We got about another mile when my friend, Brenda Mead, shouted out that there was a large Triangular object crossing the A12. It glided over the car slowly and was the most beautifully lit craft. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and White, all flashing at once. 

When we arrived home Wally said he had seen some Triangular craft that evening.  I went in to make a cup of tea for my friends and Wally, when he knocked hard on the window. 

“Come outside quickly”.  We ran out to see the Triangle glide in front of us quite low and as it got to us it flashed a white light, then it glided over the trees and nothing else was seen. 

During the summer of the next year, 1995 I happened to look out of a window and watched a large light that did not move for 15 minutes or more. 

When Wally arrived home I went out to meet him and I told him of the light.  He said I had probably mistaken it for a plane. 

I denied this and suddenly it moved slowly.  Then, all of a sudden it turned towards us and we saw 3 huge lights.

That is a Jumbo landing at Stansted my husband informed me.  NO, I said it can’t be a Jumbo. No plane can turn suddenly like that. 

Then we gasped, as this craft, (silent again), reached a certain point, when  a shaft of light came down from it's belly. 

I can only describe this as likening it to the pictures you see of people being taken up in a light to a UFO. 

Suddenly we saw, in the shaft of light, a small flashing object coming down from the “Mother ship” and taking off at speed towards the meadows and the village of Little Henny. 

Another sighting which happened to me personally took place on the 11th of August, 1996. I went out with my torch and a watering can. 

I heard nothing to make me look up, but coming over, gliding over, was the brightest, round light, that can only be described as a large powerful halogen lamp. 

I spoke out loud, “what are you? Any closer and you will blind me”.  It did hurt my eyes.  As I said these words the light went down, (just like a dimmer switch had been adjusted), and then it went completely black. 

I was the only witness to this. I have often thought since that time, did the object, (whatever it was), really hear my voice?

Another night I remember, again I went out to meet Wally from work and we both saw gliding past at about 1,000 feet, silently was another Triangle. 

This time the lights were red on each apex and large red light in the middle. 

To see such an object, (in fact many objects), as we did at that time, is now like a dream. 

I appeared on television as part of The Magic & Mystery Show in 1998; also they interviewed Ron West, who ran the U.F.O. club in Colchester for years, and asked him about these mysterious Flying Triangles. He said that he had so many sightings during that time that he could not keep up with them. 

After I stopped going to U.F.O. Club in Colchester I joined another, which was run by a younger man called David, (sorry forgotten his surname).  Both are now deceased. 

On ICQ I met a lady in Idaho who was very much into U.F.O. phenomena and she was abducted in early 1970s. 

She has tried ever since to make sense of what happened to her.  This abductee has mentioned MUFON amongst others and is very well known by certain members and leaders of the groups in America. 

I visited her in 2001. 

She heard of my sightings and immediately e-mailed Jeff Rense in Santa Barbara who phoned me that day. 

He asked me to appear on his radio show “The Jeff Rense Show” that night. 

I was on the phone for 2 hours, and this went out live.  I was not very good with computers and did not know how to save the radio broadcast that was heard live and on Real Player around the world. 

If only I had known that my PC was going to crash I would have saved it with someone’s help.  Not one of my friends had saved it either. 

I hope that whoever reads this will understand, that all I have recounted in the story actually happened!


Little Cornard,




Above is some interesting footage from another witness taken in 2011, over Sudbury, Suffolk, UK; this could have been amongst the type of thing that Angie has been seeing.